Good tailor for men's suit?


I'm searching for a good tailor in Phnom Penh.
I have used Hawaii tailor so far, and I have been more or less happy for their work.
However, the prices have been rising up too fast, although the quality has not changed.
Also these tailors are not able to make a fit big size suit jacket, although trousers and shirts they make almost perfect.

If you have good experiences, please share with me.
I'm a sturdy Nordic guy, 185cm/100kg, so I understand the tailoring, especially suit jacket, might be challenging for Asian tailors.

If you would have searched you would have found this interesting post and comparison of 3 tailors.

Personally I have good experiences with Mon Tailleur.

Good luck.

Cambodia expert team

Thank you Joe,

Ben's review was really helpful.


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