Hello There! My name is Olympia and I am interested in traveling to Cambodia to do business.  I am trying to locate a company there that sells Raw Cambodian Hair. I believe it is in Phnom Penh in one of the markets. I was wondering if you would be willing to help me locate the company. I have pictures of the place and can forward if you're willing to help. Thanks a million! my email address is ***

You have a beautiful name you are the second person with the name of Olympia that I know. The first is MY DAUGHTER and has been the only one with that name in all of her 13 years of schooling till now. Probably the one in our city.

Thank you! I was the only one in my city for a long time also! I love my name!

There's plenty of salon stalls in the Old Market, Kandal Market etc that have real hair extensions. However, I don't know where they come from ...

Thank you Original Abster. That's the problem I keep encountering. I found a few leads but nothing solid. I wish there was some way for me to contact a few suppliers.

It has been mentioned a number of times on various blogs I believe, to do business in Cambodia it is advisable to come and visit. Look at your various options, talk with people, get a feeling for the market and business community. My advice to you, regards Mike

Thanks Mike! I think that's what's going to have to happen. Do you have any recommendations on what areas to stay In while there?

Try calling Apsara Cambodian hair on +855-884013114 or email them cambodianremyhair[at]gmail.com
They have all sorts of weaves we buy from them for our customers in LA.

Hi did you ever find out where you buy hair in Cambodia?
I am also searching for RAW Cambodian hair. Thank you

As met ironed above try Apsara Cambodian hair. Their website is www.apsaracambodianhair.com

Not met iron,  mentioned

Thank you I will check them out.

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You mean wig right?

Hi dear let me k ow if you find someone

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Hey Olympia, I think you should visit first and meet these people who sell such hairs in nigh market or Suriya shopping center. They might be able to lead to required place or distributors.


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Try APOHAIR - its best quality i seen in this buissnes long time.
And so i have a question - WHERE I CAN BUY REAL SLAVIC HAIRS? :( Not for half milion of dollars. :/

Hello there .... Do you have An email? Did you find anything?

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