Do I need a Student Visa?

Hello there! I am new here and hopefully in the DR soon.
I want to take spanish lessons there at a University and am now wondering if I need a student visa. The embassy told me I should go to the migration in SDQ and tell them what I will be doing. A course lasts around 3 Months and they told me I won´t need a visa.
Any experiences? Does anybody know what I will need?

Thanks a lot :)

No need for any student visa.

So, what dou you recommend to do?

Do nothing, go there take your course, go home.  They'll just shake you down for overstaying, maybe 4k pesos.

Wait for a reply from a sensible person, who will actually give you proper info that is helpful.  Ignore the info already posted.  Anything from this " gentleman" will be less than accurate, and more than wrong.

In this case he is absolutely correct. Come down and study spanish. When you leave you will pay an overstay fine of 4,000 rd or about US 80 bucks!

Well then, I will withdraw my comments, and apply them the next time.  Thanks Planner.

No problem honey. I understand your sentiment and point.

Thank you guys!
Last question about that: Will I get any penalties for overstaying?

The penalty is the overstay fine.

My info was exactly the same as the admin...Planner.  Not sure what YOUR problem is though.

Ok colonel,  You are correct.  We are not going to get into it.

Ok...back on topic. If I want to bring my daughter down for a year, would she or I need a special visa? I'm planning on applying for residency soon anyway...

Legally she should have a visa.

Reality is its only a year. What most do is come down, stay,pay the overstay when she leaves.

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