Sei interessato ad affittare o comprare in Albania?

I am Stiven,Albanian, a law student and currently working in a real estate agency based in Tirana, named *.
If any of you is interested to rent or to buy a property in Albania, you are welcome to ask me any questions concerning this subject. I'd be more than happy to be able to help you find what you need.

Have a nice day :D

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I am interested in an apartment for rent all year round in Durres, Vlora or Saranda
50 sqm2 near the sea and with a market not far where to shop.
It is important that there is Internet, and that a parabolic can be installed


Gersam Turri

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We have some properties in the cities that you mentioned, but the problem is that they’re over 100 m2.
How much would you like to pay every month? I am asking so I can assist you if we have any options in the future.

Stiven Komino

200-250 € a month

When would you like to rent it? We may have something in Vlora but we’re not sure yet.

Circa in 6 months

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