Moving to Lae with a toddler

Hi my husband is looking at a job offer in Lae PNG. We have a 3 yr old and I am wanting to know from anyone who has made the move with young children whether they would recommend it or not? If we do move what are some things to consider. My husband has 2 offers that we are looking at and are having a hard time deciding so any input would be appreciated.

Just saw your post

I am on same level where you were in 2018

Can you share me your lae experience

I am expecting to travel by next month

I just noticed your post. May I ask if you already moved in to Lae, Papua New Guinea?

If not yet.. hmmm think it over.

Papua New Guinea is really different compared to most countries in the world. I have traveled and lived several countries but PNG is really different when it comes to safety and security.

Imagine Myanmar which is under military rule now.. it is still safe to live there than Papua New Guinea. In Myanmar you could go out in the middle of the night and no one would harm you even you are a foreigner. When I was there, 11PM, 12 Midnight to 1 AM even 2 AM, 3AM until morning.. I used to walked outside and I feel safe, people are harmless. They are friendly, accommodating and even though they don't speak English so well but they would really try to help you and make you feel at home.

But in Papua New Guinea particularly in Lae, I witnessed 3:30 PM last 2 weeks when I was driving, the thieves attacked a truck passing by  the road near the downtown the market in Lae. People were just watching as if they did not saw anything unusual. The thieves looted and took boxes of goods from the slow running truck.

In PNG you could not go outside unless you really brave to go outside but the risk is extremely high. I have lot of videos when the bad guys attacked a foreigner, hit him etc.. I have a friend who was assaulted by the bad guys while driving while he was just in front of the store where he work. He was driving a car going back to his store then all of a sudden the bad guys blocked him pointing gun towards him. Nothing he can do than to open the car then give everything..  People were just watching.. 

Raskals or bad guys don't often kill anyway if their target will give everything they want. cellphones, money, etc. but if you will not give what they wan then expect the gun pointing towards you.

If you still have a chance to say no to the job offer then say no... then avoid coming to PNG. Money, work? You could find work and money outside Papua New Guinea.. Give that work to their locals they used to that kind of life they knew how to handle the security problem in Papua New Guinea.. If you will resigned for less than 7 months from your employment contract, they could file a case against you. So while you still have to say no.. better find another opportunity within your country...


Hi dear it is really safe here, I can guarantee you.

I am a national Here in PNG based in Lae and from what I observed, we PNG give 110% respect to epats who came to work and live here.

If you need more guide or assistance can contact me

I will be more than happy to be a good friend

any country in the world have raskals!! it's just a matter of "wrong time, wrong place!"

I believe majority of the locals still friendly for the expats in their country.

As much as possible don't defend but learn to anticipate and adapt.