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Can anyone assist? I'm having real trouble trying to locate the places where expats usually stay so I can do some more research for a possible move there with my family. Where do they expats usually rent and what facilities exist within the compound?

Any assistance most welcome.


Hi Wandering,

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I hope other members will be able to advise you, in the meantime, you could post an advert in the housing in Papua New Guinea section. It might help you in your accommodation search.

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If you're looking for places where expat stay in Port Moresby it would be town and boroko and some parts of Waigani.  But most of the expats live in town which close or within the CBD.


My family is currently looking for a suitable complex to stay.  We have a 12 year old girl who is going to Ela murry, we only have 6000K to spend per week on accommodation.  Basically with this tinny money (pom standard), we either stay in a very stinky old apartment in a big complex in town or a more modern 3 bedroom apartment in a smaller complex.
I suggest you should consider wether you have kid/s, like quiet/friendly live, security importance...
Let us know your budget and live style so maybe I can help you more.
My husband is over there, the kid and I will join in a month time.

Actually I need assistance too.
I really just want a simple answer (one answer) if I want (which is Port Moresby best we can do) faster, unlimited cheaper internet connection ( i think in reality I want to use skype without look like a robot and cost me a futurne less than 600 AUD per month), which company and which service? 
Thanks a million.

maijh96 - K6000 per week is PLENTY for a very nice apartment in the town area.  Not sure who is taking you around, but if you contact Skerah (through facebook) they can put you onto one of their contacts.  Our tri-level executive apartment is well within that budget and is a wonderful apartment with sea views, great pool and large living areas.  Era Dorina has apartments for under K6000 and although smallish, they provide a nice village atmosphere and certainly assist with making new friends when you arrive in POM.

The cheapest internet here is via Post Paid Digicel mobile.  K450 per month provides 4GB of data per month. K880 gives you 8GB of data per month.  We video skyped the other day back to New Zealand and is was average at best, but voice skype is good.  Internet here is limited by the high gateway price, and poor performing pipe out of the country.


Hey Aaron I find yr posts so full of very important info, I had to comment and thank you on behalf of the people that havent:)

Is there any satelite tv in Port Moresby adn if yes is it a good quality?
Are there any beaches in Port Moresby (accesible) by car?

What do know about the Internat school??

Sorry about the questions but sound so help I would appreciate any of yr great guidance!!

Thank u

Hi Dita,

No thanks needed :). We really struggled to find good info when doing our move..

Hitron is the main TV provider here, and shows plenty channels.  Sadly, we don't get Aussies foxtel incorporated, so a bit lacking in the sports area.  There are a few nice beaches accessible by car, you may need to pay a little coin to the local Villiage for access, but very easy to get to.

We have 3 kids at international school here, 1 in early learning, and 2 in primary school ages:2, 8 and 10.  Although the big school isn't as good as the kids one in NZ, it is still pretty good.  ELC is fantastic!  My two oldest kids have school camped at Loloata Island, and this year the eldest is going to Rabaul (East New Britain) for camp for 5 days...  Pretty cool and exciting.


Hey u r gona have to translate all the school lingo for me!!
We might come for a look and see later this month we come from Brisbane and we have an 8 Y.O. boy where would he go??
I mean where is better? AND ELC IS I GUESS the Intern school? How many grades/years are at that school? Do you have high school in there too?/
Please HELP??

Would you guys be our friends if we come?? we will need it :))))

Sound pretty desperate!!!!

Clive, Tom and Dita

Where are the tri-lever appts situated in complexes??
Thanks mate u r a life saver:)))

Hi Dita,

Your 8yo would be able to go to TEMIS. (The Ela Murray International School) which takes children up to grade 8, they have a pretty comprehensive website at elamurray.com

Apartments are all over the place, in some respects single level in a high rise can be better than a tri-level.  I think a good look around will point you in the right direction :)

We do enjoy making new friends, if you haven't seen my blog yet - please check my profile, it will send you off to my website


Actually the cheapest Internet now is with datec.  We joined up to their unlimited plan last month.  279 kina per month.  And yes!  Unlimited!!  Last month downloaded around 50gb.  With anyone else that would have cost 12000 kina lol

My partner and I, and our 4 year old are moving to Port Moresby in May this year. We will be living in a place called Ela Vista. I don't know much about this complex, as I think it is pretty new. Does anyone know this complex, and if it is safe for families, I'm sure it is, but I'm also pregnant at the moment so peace of mind I think.
Love to hear from anyone.

I live in the Ela Vista complex and it is very nice. brand new flats with swimming pool and GYM facility. nice view for ELA BEACH SIDE and not that far from the Waterfront Mall.


Do have email for  Ela Vista complex ?

New to PNG and need furnished housing 12 Aug - 30 Nov.

I know a lady who has a 3 bedroom apartment there, I will check if its vacant and get black to you, it's safe a d is next to pool with no stairs to climb when leaving car park ( very important at this complex). I will call this morning and check. Cheers

Hi Martin
Melissa Ampaoi
Marketing Manager

Jackhammer: many thanks.
Do you have contact details for Ela Vista complex?

What is the tourist area of Moresby?

Hi martincymru & maijh96,

you can contact Melissa Ampaoi(National) or Mr. Lee Teck Kong(Malaysian Chinese), at Glory Estate Ltd. 323 8818, and 325 9619, they can rally help you.


Tourist Spots of Port Moresby:
1. Loloata Island Resorts, have been there, search loloata.com
2. Grand Papua Hotel, just a visit.
3. Ela Beach Brasserie, like the Lobstter.
4. Gateway Hotel, love the Enzo Pizza.
5. Vision City, for Cinemas.
6. Waterfront Mall, for shopping
7. Royal Papua Yacht Club, for your boat
8. Aviat Club, Lamana Gold Club, for entertainment
9. Crowne Plaza, just a visit.

Recommended Tourism Areas

1. The Parliament House
2. Bomana War Cemetery
3. Pacific Adventist University
4. Loloata and Lion Island
5. The National Library and Botanical Garden
6. The Kokoda Tracks
7. Sepik River
8. Mount Wilheim
9. Rabaul Caldera
10.Purari River
11.Mt. Tavurvur
12.The Goroka Show
13.Owen Stanley Range
14.Black Cat Track
15.Mt. Guluwe
16.Bulldog Track
17.Milne Bay
18.Hindenberg Wall

Andremtbeer :

I know a lady who has a 3 bedroom apartment there, I will check if its vacant and get black to you, it's safe a d is next to pool with no stairs to climb when leaving car park ( very important at this complex). I will call this morning and check. Cheers

Hi, Andre   

Best to email me

try pacific palms property (Steamships is the parent company name). they have well secured , brand new, with all the facilities (kids areas, pools, gym, bbq, evertything). building is called Winward apartments

good luck

hi !v are. gonna live in era dorina ..we are just one week old here ..is era dorina totally safe ??


Our general public email address will be now: realestateinfo[at]dac.com.pg   or
direct Departmental emails  are as follows:

Hi  I plan relocating to PNG and working in Port Moresby. What is the housing like???


Mr Abdullah. Muhammad Shuayb here.

Do I easily find arab food around????

Andremtbeer :

I know a lady who has a 3 bedroom apartment there, I will check if its vacant and get black to you, it's safe a d is next to pool with no stairs to climb when leaving car park ( very important at this complex). I will call this morning and check. Cheers

How much does it cost ? Monthly rental ?


Ela Vista is great, no worries at all.

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