Any playgroups or daycare centres in Port Moresby for a 2 year old?

Hi, my hubs is taking on an assignment in Port Moresby for 3 years. We have a 2+ year old and another newborn. It will be difficult for me to handle the baby and a 2 year old alone with no help at home. I am wondering are there daycare centres or playgroups for my 2 year old, for like a few hours a day? Or will it be easy to get help to babysit within the compound?  Otherwise how do you go about hiring a helper/maid with experience in taking care of young children, which I am more inclined? In Spore we hire an indonesian maid for $350 a month. She does some housework and helps take care of the baby. Are there any restrictions in PNG to hire indonesians/filipinos as domestic helpers? 

Would greatly appreciate any comments or ideas. Thanks!

try ELLA MURRAY international school there is the primary school at ELA BEACH in downtown. Fantastic school but prciey and safe. lists various kindergartens and daycare options.


Hi Angel:
shannon here, also from Singapore, my husband might be posted to PNG soon, Port Moresby, i read about lots of terrible things at that area esp robbery and stuff, is it really that bad? how's the living condition there in terms of housing and food???
Sorry ha, instead of answering your question, i am throwing questions to you instead.
Appreciate your reply.


Hi Shannon,
I've read alot on the internet too, it really is scary. But the reality is that the media makes everything seem worse than it really is. In any country, there are horrific crimes that go on. Even in Spore where crime rates are so low, ppl get attacked while walking home! So I think as long as we live cautiously, we should be fine. Crimes are opportunistic. Just need to exercise common sense.

Housing options are very wide. Depends on what your budget is. There are really nice apartments which can cost abt $10-20k per month. Most apartments are like condos, with security guards, high fencing with barbed wires, have swimming pool and gym. Prices are high because supply is limited and demand is increasing due to LNG project. Food wise, there are good restaurants which serve asian and western food. Hotels have cafes and restaurants which serve decent food. No cheap foodcourts and hawker centres though. Supermarkets have everything we need, no problems getting local and imported stuff. Hope this helps!

Let me know if you decide to come to PNG! :)

Hi Angel and Shannon.
I live in POM and have been here with my 2 little girls (1 1/2 and 4) for over 1 year now.
The eldest goes to ELC.  They offer daycare and preschool for ages 18 months and up.  It is the most fantastic shool.  Because labour is so cheap over here they have an abundance of staff. Teachers, aides, cleaners, helpers, trainees... And being a private school they have a very good budget, so the school is just fantastic.  The teachers are gorgeous and the kids just love it.  The facilities are fantastic.  The fees are high (but your company might sunsidise this???)
I also have a "haus Meri" that comes to my home 6 days a week for K150 (AUD$60).  She does all my cleaning, washing, ironing and babysitting. My kids adore her and I couldn't live without her.  Infact the last time we went home to Oz we took her with us.  It is very easy to find a haus Meri.  You may go through a few before you find the right one but there are plenty of people to help you find them when you get here.
I coordinate our local Baby Group for ExPat mums. We meet weekly (and every day in between) for a coffee and a gossip.  We are each others family in this "unique" location.  Once you arrive you will inevitably be given my number from someone about town and I pop you on the email list and then you are "one of us".  There are close to 40 of us with kids and babies under 4 that all live within 5 minutes drive from one another.  It's a wonderful community and a really great support network.
Message me privately if you need more info or want my contact details.

Hi, I've got a 2 years old boy and a new baby born in october so I am in the same situation as you.
We will live in Port Moresby in a few month and I'm looking for some places for carrying babies. Sorry for my english but I have to practice before I come !! :-)
If you have some good informations can you tell me.
And if you want we can maybe see to organize us  with our nanny and other mums like us.
Good luck

See you


Hi Geraldine, I've been in POM for 6 months already and have since met lots of other parents with young children. We have playdates with baby groups and meet almost everyday. I've found a very good nanny who was recommended by a friend here, she helps take care of my children and abit of housework, we pay her 20 kinas a day. Like Babygroupie said, its relatively easy to find a nanny here as everyone knows someone who wants to work. Its really a wonderful community here I agree.

Looking forward to meeting you soon. Send me a message when you come :)

Thank you for answering so quiskly...

My husband is working in a new compagny in february and he will come to port moresby maybe in the middle of february. Then i has to stay there single for 5 months !!!
So maybe i'll come for holidays to visit him with my little baby for 2 weeks maybe in may to see how is the life there and what I will need to take with me from France. Then I will live there with my 2 boys in july or august... It is a long long time waiting here... I am so happy to go there and see this new country. We just arrived from Cameroon where we lived for 2 years and it is a new way of living in Papua.

Bye bye and see you there...


Hi Ladies, I have been reading your posts and it has put my mind at ease a little bit.  My husband works in POM and we are looking at moving me over at the end of this year.  We would like to start a family and it is very hard to when we are apart for 6 weeks at a time.  I'm so happy to hear your stories about living in PNG and the social network the wives have.  I am a social person here is Oz so I thought I would struggle moving to a Country where I don't know anyone but it sounds like you all look after each other over there.  I'm new to this lifestyle of moving to other countries but I'm looking forward to the change and life experience.  I hope I will get to meet you all very soon!


Thank you for all of the good information.  This is my first time looking around on these forums and it is great to see that there is already a fantastic network setup for us Moms.  We're looking at coming over sometime at the end of this year, but I would really love to start making friends now.  I have a 20-month old daughter and 4 year-old son. 

I know there are several different apartment complexes, can any of you let me know where you are, how you like it, how close it is to the others, etc?


Hi to all the "New to be ExPats In Port Moresby Mums".
POrt Moresby is a great place to live with young children.  The support network that we provide each other is fantastic.  We meet almost daily and there is so much going on you will never be lonely or bored.
Finding a Nanny or housekeeper is easy and we are all happy to help you with this.  The biggest thing I can recommend is get yourself and your kids to the Yacht Club Playground on a Thursday morning in your very first week in town.  You will meet many mums with young kids, all very friendly ladies who, at one time, were in exactly the same situation as you.  We all understand how you feel.  It's scary amd overwhelming and emotional and exhausting and we are here for you.  Hubby is so busy finding his own way in a new job and he will be tired (and grumpy) and you need to make friends quickly so you have someone to talk to.  The heat really gets to you in the first few months and you will be overwhelmed with how tired you feel all the time - this does pass.
POM is a fantastic place to live.  It's a unique and unusual environment and the friendships you make happen very quickly and provide great support and comfort.
So, if you're thinking about making the move - then do. If you're scared you won't make friends - don't be. 
I coordinate our local Baby Group for ExPat mums. We meet weekly (and every day in between) for a coffee and a gossip.  We are each others family in this "unique" location.  Once you arrive you will inevitably be given my number from someone about town and I pop you on the email list and then you are "one of us".  There are close to 40 of us with kids and babies under 4 that all live within 5 minutes drive from one another.  It's a wonderful community and a really great support network
If you have any special questions then please email me privately and I'll gladly answer them.
Good luck!
:-)  Babygroupie.

Hi Everyone,
I feel so warmed that so many ladies are there and are going there.
I am going soon but no idea where to stay, only have $2500 AU$ on housing per week do not know this money get me what kind of accomodation?  It is so hard to find any information online so I have to rely on the experenced ones over there alread.  Please provide some nice compounds' names within my budget.  My daugher is going to Ela Murry so maybe somewhere near the school?
Thanks in advance.

our family is considering coming to POM and it is sooooo  great to read about the network that is available!  i feel very much encouraged and may be popping in lots of questions soon!

Hi ladies,

After reading all the information in this section, I feel very good about decision to move to PoM.  My husband starts work tomorrow over there and our children, a boy 4 and a girl, 6 are moving over there sometime next month.  Is the playgroup still running at the Yacht Club on Thursday mornings?  If so, what time, as I would love to go and meet some mum's and have my little boy meet some new friends?  I have enrolled my little boy at the Early Learning Centre 3 days a week and my little girl at Ela Murray. Also, just wanted to ask, are all the sporting activities booked through the school or are there after school activities, like soccer, basketball, ballet I have to book privately?  Thanks for any help and I look forward to meeting some of you over there very soon!

Hi ladies,

I'm not sure if you're still checking this post, but just in case... I'll be returning to PNG with our first baby early next year.  I'm currently in Canada, but my hubby is still in POM, and we are hoping to locally get in touch with a network of parents to find out about buying any second hand baby items, mainly a decent crib / play pen for sleeping, or a car seat, in-country.

If you know of any networks or email groups that we could circulate a message on for this, please pass them on :), or if you have any people yourselves that we can get in touch with, please send me a message.  We missed out when I was there on making these connections personally, I think because this is our first child (so don't have the contacts with local schools or playgroups just yet).


I just happened to read your reply and i find it really useful. my family is just about to come and live in Port Moresby for about two years (my husband got a job offer)and i would definietely  be interested bringing my 3 yr old girl to your play group and also it is great to catch up with other mums too. pls let me know how i can contact you. my son (7yr) and daughter will go to Ella Murray (i still have to enrol them for next year.
i don't know how to send u a private msg.

again, i really appreciate you for taking your time to write some useful info for people like us.thank you sooo much


Just click the Icon of the person you want to send personal messages, it will load the new icon, and just below the Icon have this "Send Message". Don't use the "Reply>>" button, hope this help. 



thank you so much Jackhammer


I will soon be a newbie in POM. My husband is currently working in POM and I will be moving over from Melbourne in two weeks with our 2yo daughter. I'm hoping to make some friends...find a babygroup / mothers group/ playgroup. Do you mind sharing your contacts with me?

Thanks in advance!

Hello jacquit

Welcome to the forum of :)

Kindly note however that you are participating on a thread inactive for nearly one year.

Kenjee Team

Hello, write pombabygroup[at] and have yourself placed in their routine emails. You will get invites and schedules for playgroup and other living in POM notices!

All the best and catch you around!

Thanks for the email, mllaispringer!  Will do that soon! :)

My 5yr old son will be enrolled in distance education when we arrive in POM. However, we want to give him the opportunity to meet and play with other kids his age   Are there any play/social groups available for early primary school aged kids?

Hi there. I am hoping someone can be of some help to me. I am moving to Port Moresby with my husband and two daughters (currently 2.5 and 11 months) late January next year. My husband will be going over in the next few days without us to get set up.
I am very interested in talking to anyone with small children who is over there at the moment or will be and knows how to get into the playgroups or set up play dates or the like.
I want to make sure I have some activities and people to meet before we arrive. If anyone is interested in chatting with me further you can contact me on here or via email daniellehuxley[at] Thanks so much,

Hi there Danielle,

There are a couple of active Mums/parents groups in Port Moresby that meet weekly.

The POM Parent's Group tends to meet at private residences each Tuesday, while the POM Tots Group meets on Thursdays at the Yacht Club. You can find and join both groups on Facebook.

Both groups have been very welcoming to my husband and son (5yrs), and gives them a chance to get out and mingle.

They will also be a great source of information regarding moving/living/surviving here with small children.

Good luck on your move to POM

Hi PracticAli,

Where can I get contact or information for POM Tots Group at the Yacht Club? I tried to Google it but I cant find any information



Hi Linda,
I can help you with that. Search on Facebook for POM parents group page on Facebook. That is where all information regarding the tots group at the yacht club.
Aswell as play dates information.
I will keep an eye out for you and accept you once you do.
Any other questions let me know.

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