UK passport holder can do visa run after 15 days of stay??

Hi everyone,

I will be in Hanoi on 27th Sep 2018 till 16th Oct and then flying to Ho Chi Minh on till 29th Oct..

A few days ago I realized I will be overstaying my stay in Hanoi as I am only allowed 15 days at a time so I was thinking perhaps I can fly to HK for few days and return back to take my flight to HCMC.

Please if anyone can help me out,  Is it possible to do so??  I know in Dubai certain passport holders if they enter visa on arrival and stay 30 to 90 days they have to stay out of the country for 90 days before entering again...

I tried to call Vietnam Embassy or consulate no ANSWER!!!!!!

Any help will be appreciated

Why not get a 1 month visa and save yourself all the hassle.

thanks for your reply, But I will be staying for 1 month and 2 day.  so thought of doing a visa run after 15 days and come back to Vietnam.

I heard I can also do 3 months VOA..   do you know anything about it?

Yeah the 3 month VOA is ok. You can do a serch on this forum for some links to VOA.

thanks mate

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