Best Expat Jobs in the Philippines?

Hi Folks,

For those expats who are not fully retired in the Philippines, are there any decent employment or income opportunities? Excluding passive investments and/or rental properties.

I am not talking about any common jobs which could easily be performed by the local population. Realistically speaking, I assume any good expat jobs would have to be with a major foreign company with a subsidiary in the Philippines. Probably a managerial or executive position requiring a professional license or designation.

My friend is a foreign national who works as senior project manager with World Bank in Manila. His comp package is pretty sweet by most standards: U$225,000 base salary (NO tax as World Bank is UN organization), free travel and health benefits, heavily subsidized housing and food. Admittedly such positions are very rare in the Philippines.

What are the some of the best jobs for expats in the Philippines?

maybe at ADB Asian DElevopment Bank and at BPo centers.. A call center companies..

My friend works there as event specialist.

tequilajordan23 :

My friend works there as event specialist.

Do you know if your friend is paid in Philippine pesos or U.S. dollars?

My Filipino friend in Manila once worked for a Japanese pharmaceutical subsidiary there. She was paid in U.S. dollars... about U$33,000 per year... a modest sum by Western standards but quite generous compared to local Philippines salaries.

Snr levels across global markets and risk functions at major banks. Slim pickings given scale of the Phils vs say Singapore or hk as a financial hub but there are roles out there.

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