Please where can I buy African food like yam, gari etc in Kuwait?

Please where can I buy African food like yam,  gari etc in Kuwait?

There is no a special restaurant for African foods in Kuwait.

@Felicia Oppong  hey Felicia if you still need it I can get them for you. 

Hallo guys, I am looking for fruits market in Kuwait. Like pineapples, Apples, Ovocados, passion fruits, and foods like Onions, Irigh potatoes, and banana
Lulu Al marari
Hi Neha John82,

Both Felicia and John Mirembe are looking for different products, could you specify who you are answering to ? It would help a lot 1f609.svg

Thank you

Vero team
@Vero I guess Neha John82 is responding to John Mirembe because Lulu sells all the listed fruits, except for garri flour and yam tuber. 
Veronica Oppong's post requesting for yam & garri was made 4 years ago, good news for her if she is still in Kuwait. John Mirembe's initial post said he could assist.
oh right.. I dint check d year.. my bad.. anyways.. lulu has every other vegetable and exotic fruits too.. either Al rai or qurain lulu... they both r worth the visit... also there is a fish market in fahaheel, where they hav different fruits n veges too..