New Zealand Immigration Parent category freeze.

In 2016 New Zealand Immigration placed a freeze on all Parent category residency visas. Two years later we are no further forward.
Many of us have parents back in "the old country" wherever that may be. Most of those are probably coming to the end of their lives often on their own because their partners have passed away. We are in that position; our Mother lives alone in the UK has guaranteed income and a small amount of capital, but it amounts to nothing; Even though we also will look after her ourselves and are NZ citizens. So we have attempted to raise awareness of the plight of the many many expats who are paying their dues to New Zealand and unable to get any movement from the authorities regarding their parents.
If this is not permitted then please delete but we have set up a Facebook group called:-"Action for Retired Parent Immigration to NZ". The more people we have joining the group the better.

Good Initiative.

It's indeed a fantastic initiative and i could sense the immense feeling behind that. Our parents are the biggest asset to us till they're alive. It's our responsibility to let them feel the moments of happiness through our acts.

I as an individual will certainly join the fb page.

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