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Long story short, I have a partnership based work visa which expires this September. Sadly, my relationship has ended, but my heart is still there in NZ. Wondering what my options are. I am currently back in the US. Would I still be able to come back to NZ and if I find work before my current work visa expires could I then have my employer sponsor a new work visa?  Also, if I am no longer in the relationship that my visa was issued under can I still come back using the current visa? I would also have to source a place to live so how does that effect my visa? Mahalo for your time.

Your new employer would organise a new visa for you.
As you circumstances have changed you cannot come back on your existing visa.

I suggest an online search for work.

Thank you.


Should it be an issue to enter with a valid stamped visa? If someone has not undergone a proper cancellation or expiry process, the stamped visa should be valid for multiple entries until it gets expired. I mean I may not have enough knowledge about it, but just a second thought.

It's quite obvious that you could only come back based on a new employer's visa.


As far as I am aware the problem would be that the circumstances on which his partnership work visa have changed so this invalidates that visa.

If the OP was to successfully enter on that visa and find work (for which he will need another visa type), then immigration are likely to find out the circumstances of the original partnership visa. Then they can refuse the new visa as he entered the country on the partnership visa which technically was invalid due to the changed circumstances of the partnership.

then immigration are likely to find out the circumstances of the original partnership visa

That's the point. Rightoo!!!

Gotcha. Thank you.

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