5 years of experience,planning for job seeker visa

Hi ,

This is Meghna , i am from India and i have close to 5 years of SAS programming experience ,
i have also completed my German language certification till B1 from Goethe institute .

Really looking for some guidance and tips before applying for the job seeker visa.

Any advice will be helpful !!

Thanks you ,

Please look through the site since there is lots of information available here. Then if you have SPECIFIC questions then you can ask. There is no way one can give an answer to such a broad question and the people who comment here get tired of having to answer the same questions over and over because people are too lazy to read.

Thank you, Tom, you beat me to it. As you say this topic regarding work and visas have been covered so many times before. They are even pinned to the top of the Forum because they are asked so often.

Please search the forum and all your questions will be answered.

Hi Tom/ SimCityAT ,

Thanks for the reply , i know there have been some discussions going on regarding this topic way too many times but i wanted to know for my profession which is SAS programming , specifically for Big data analysis in CROs ( Big data as in clinical trials data for new pharmaceutical drug)  , so i needed advice on how is the scope for this profession and shall one be getting job within the time of 6 months ..

Though i agree i shall be more specific on this one ..

Thanks any ways !

It's very unlikely that you find someone from the same specific niche here on the forum.
You better network on industry events like conferences and trade fairs to get insider information and connections!

got it !!

Thank you Beppi.

if one complete b1  then  that person must  be good enough to accept any jobs if they intend to stay in germany rather coming back . at least they get work permit if not blue card . but this too good too . one need to have will and willingness more than that no one can say anything . choose your options .

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