How to discover the cultural scene in Malaysia


Moving to a new place and learning about the culture goes beyond adapting to customs and traditions. The art scene (music, art, literature, and cinematography) is also a big part of discovering a new country.

What are the best ways to learn about the cultural scene in Malaysia, and how important are the arts in the country?

Did you do a lot of research prior to moving, or was it easy to explore the art scene after your move?

How would you explain the art scene in Malaysia? What is the most salient art form in the country, that you would recommend for future expats to explore in order to adapt and integrate faster: literature, cinematography, music, etc.?

Which art form and artist most represent the country's culture, and why?

Are there certain activities or places such as art centres that would help to explore the culture in Malaysia?

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Probably not yet experienced enough to comment on what art best represents Malaysia, but there are some very interesting exhibitions around.

I check the Star's review pages for interesting events and there's always something. Some are free, especially art exhibitions.  Others, like live music in the Backyard are free entry when you're there buying drinks or food.

And others, like the theatre production, Ola Bola, are expensive, but really worth the money as a one off. 

I don't know about other areas of Malaysia, but I think KL is great for the arts.

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