Essentials to live in Malaysia


As an expat living in Malaysia, what would you advise the ones about to pack to bring along?

What are the items you can easily find in Malaysia? On the other hand, what is less common or quite expensive?

Share with us what you would recommend to bring in one's suitcase or container when moving to Malaysia.

Thank you in advance,


Hi Christine ....for me there is nothing special you need to bring to Malaysia just normal packing but you don't have to bring heavy clothing since it is summer all the time  :cool: ... there are precautions you need to consider when you arrive at Malaysia such as buying Anti-insects Cream, pay attention to your shoulder/hand bag when u walk in the public, consider keeping Flu pills in your house/flat because every place is air-conditioned.

Generally, life basics in Malaysia are cheap even clothing+housing. accessories are variable in prices depending on the brand. for housing you can rent a Condo room between 2000-4000rm in / near KLCC.

I don't recommend to bring a lot of things, may be one or two travel suits. If you needed to buy big things like cars, there are a lot of agencies of different car brands who can provide you with a car in a comfortable way,  or furniture that you can buy for cheap price from places such as Ikea.


Nothing as Malaysia is "Asia light" not really a hard place to live in.

Most things are easily available as well as foreign foods, like Japanese, Korean, British, German and so on. Maybe bring along some unique spices or ingredients that are not readily available abroad.

A sense of humour is the most essential!

Just money, lots and lots of money. Pack all corners of your bags with money. Oh...the last thing, money, if I didnt mention it already.

Some readers may think I was making a joke but really, of all the things I brought and learned I didnt need, all the mistakes of judgement about perceived "essentials," the truth is that money was the only thing needed--and in the largest quantity possible. In hindsight I would have gotten off the plane with a the shirt on my back and a suitcase of cash. It would have made everything so much easier, faster, better. Im telling you this because the reverse of it is the major point--if you get off the plane with a bunch of useless "essentials" and no cash because you come to Malaysia looking for it you are in for a big surprise.