New born baby exit re-entry of Multiple Entry Visiting Mother

Hello all,
My family has multiple re-entry visit visa ,my wife delivered a baby girl here in saudi arabia. We have got birth certificate and indian passport for my baby girl. Now the time is reached us for making the exit re-entry as because of 180days is finished. We are plan to go India by Air Or Bahrain by Road to make exit entry for my family. I went to Jawazat,i ask two officers ,but nobody can answer perfectly whether I will get the visa through king fahd cross way. But the Airport they are telling they will stamp the visa same like mother. But i am still in doubt about the re-entry of my new born baby because her mother in Visiting ?. Does anybody have experience on the same situation ? Please explain how you solved ? Does the Baby will get the visa on arrival if baby mother is on Multiple entry family visit Visa ?. As my Profession is Aamil, is this able to add new born baby in my passport during the arrival at airport. Please let me know your suggestions.

assalamu alaikum sir,
my wife also multiple visit vis,she is pregnant8 month,we are planning to delivery in saudi will get visa for new baby,can you share that procedure,jazakallah khair
thanks & regards

Brother please kindly share your experiences about delivery in ksa when mother is on multiple re entry visa...
What are the delivery charges here?
Will the mother's insurance cover any amount of total delivery charges?
How about baby's visa, passport and birth certificate???

Please let me also know anything if you got to know

Respected sir
pleas share your experiens for visa of new born baby while mother visit visa multiple entry.
my wife in two year visit visa ,she delivery done in saudi arabia,now we have birth certificate and passpor of new b orn babyt ,how will get visa for new born,fromewhere will gwet visa,jawazath or, mofa
thanks and regard

for normal deliver3000sr
oeration 7000 to 8000sr

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