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Recently my friend did transfer to another company in saudi arabia because his company was not paying the money so he decided to transfer to another company the new company told him you are transferred and you can join us but when i see online status it,s something else the message they wrote on MOL Website is

( حالة الطلب في وزارة الداخلية : تم رفض طلب نقل الخدمه المقدم بتاريخ 1440/09/16 علما بأن صاحب العمل الحالي هي مؤسسة/شركة)  and upside they wrote ( حالة الطلب في وزارة العمل: تمت الموافقة)  so i translated ( application Status at the Ministry of Interior: The request for transfer of the service submitted on 1440/09/16 was rejected. The current employer is an establishment ) so his current employer name showing here is his old company name not new and up side (application status at the Ministry of Labor : Has been approved) 

Now i am confused down side they wrote rejected and up side written approved now can some buddy tell me what it's mean ?

Hi, hope you have come across what was the actual issue . Any how I'll share my experience as I faced the same issue while my transfer, so that others can have idea.

Transfer process takes in to 2 stages.

1. Your new sponsor should send the request
----In MOL status will be understudy
2. Your old sponsor should accept the request
----In MOL status will be approved and your new employer name will be displayed.

Once your old sponsor approves the request your new sponsor should pay 2000 SAR as transfer fee and then you are officially into your new sponsor.
What had happened with me was  ,my new sponsor did not pay the transfer fee, the fee should be paid within 15 days of your transfer approval from your old kafeel, if failed to pay with in 15 days., then your sponsorship will automatically go back to your old kafeel. Then you will find the status as you have mentioned.

Hope it's answered.

Hi all, there is an update in the post which will benefit the readers.

The error which is told by #saeedox appears as per my above post and it also appears when the transfer is not updated in MOL.

But you can check your sponsorship after transfer from your absher as in MOL site you may face this issue.

But this error will cause problem, i mean in your sponsor MOL portal it will not show your name under his workers list,  then your sponsor needs to visit or call MOL and ask to update the transfer in his MOL portal, bcz having this error your sponsor can not be able to issue an iqama.

In my case i faced this 2 times. Once during transfer and next after transfer.

Once your transfer gets updated in your sponsor MOL portal then he will be able to issue a work permit and pay your levy and process your iqama.

Edit: finally my iqama is done today. This issue troubled me a lot, it took many days to understand this., so just wrote a  post to update you all.

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