I am a U.S. Citizen and am trying to marry a Panamanian woman.  Does anyone have experience with this?   The requirements seem to change with whoever is at the desk when we visit the Judicial.  One demands a document from the Federal Government stating that my stamped birth certificate is legitimate.  Another wants a Federal Government apostilled document stating that I am single.  ARRRGH!  No one seems to know what the rules really are.

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The American embassy website normally has information on what needs to be done and whats required.

I married a Panamanian here in Panamá in 2013. I did need a copy of my Birth Cert and it needed to be aposilated from the Secretary of State of the State that you were born in.  The U.S. does not have ligament forms to prove we are single so I did my own decleration with two witness that were friends greater than 5 years and all three of us signed infront of a notary. If you can have this done in every other line in Spanish. All of this worked for me here.

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