LOVED & LOST-How to survive the sad process of a Divorce in Colombia?

Loved but lost, and now I face the sad task of navigating a divorce.
Does anyone have any useful information to share with me considering this topic?
Perhaps, my experience will help someone else as well.

Now the sad task of the Divorce process.
What now?

The essential steps of mourning, self-care, making a plan and others .. are discussed on the following link...

A ten-year-old organization, Divorce in Colombia, assists Colombianos and Expats going through the divorce process, even so far as accompanying a divorcing party to court.

Based on a 2005 divorce statute, divorce in Colombia can be a brief and effective process when the parties are in agreement, according to this site.

cccmedia in Depto. de Nariño

Greatly appreciate the information. I will certainly reach out for help.

One of the saddest parts of proceeding with the divorce besides losing my wife, is losing touch with my Colombian  in-laws. They are amazing friendly and loving and always showed me kindness and warmth.
It feels horrible to lose such wonderful people in my life.

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