Marriage process for non Israeli partner

Hi! I am from the Philippines currently on a tourist visa living in Israel with my Israeli boyfriend. We decided to take it to the next level and apply for marriage by document (known to public) so i can stay here with him and start our life together. We called and set an appointment to the Ministry so we can start the process but we was scheduled on August.  As for this matter i need to go out of the country this April (as my 90days visa free will expire) and come back here once we got summoned by the Ministry.  It is not easy for both of us to be apart for another 4months again but we have to deal with the process. For those who experience the same i just want to ask you few questions and tips maybe? 1. After we called we received a text message about the appointment date and said that they will send to us all the documents.We forgot to ask if it will be sent through email or mail. 2. Since our appointment is on August, is it possible for me to come back here 2months or a month prior to the date of appointment or i have to wait for the summon letter from the ministry?
3. What are we supposed to do during our appointment? documents need to prepare and FAQ’s by the ministry? P.S i never work here and this is my first time here in Israel. Thank you in advance. Hope to receive feedback specially from Filipinos like me:)

i dont know what ministry told u that you can be married and get israeli citizen .
there is only one way to married inside israel and get approval which is convert to jew all process take like a year and then only u can get married .most of the non israel jew going out to EU country get married by the curt and it is approved in israel .i did it twice one in spain and BG . if some ministry told u that you can do it ,u need to check very deep what is the process and even get lawyer to do it for u .
Salamat !!!!:-)

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