Fencing in Saigon - Starting July 2018


First I have to apologize for cheating the system over here. I'm currently a Viet living overseas in the US and I'm actively practicing fencing (olympic fencing, foil and sabre). I saw an inactive thread on this website in 2016 from someone asking for a fencing club, but at that point to my knowledge there was no amateur/leisure fencing club in Saigon.

I'm moving back to Saigon this June, and I'm creating this thread to see if there's any fellow fencers out there in the Saigon expat community who would like to start an informal fencing club that meets up every weekend to open fence.

Hopefully this is not taken as soliciting, I'm just trying to gauge interest to see if I should leave my fencing gears in the US or bring it with me to vietnam.



We are living in Saigon since last year and we've been looking hard for some fencing clubs here.
My boyfriend has been fencing for more than 20 years, I started 3 years ago (épée).
We would definitely be interested to help if you are motivated to set up something!

Thank you!



I have been here last year and a half and also have been looking for a fencing club....I have been fencing foil competitively off and on over the last few decades with the odd epee comp too. Would be really keen to meet up and see if we can get something started here.



I had the chance to practice fencing 10 years ago when I was still living in Austria, since then I had not the chance as it just does not exist in Saigon.

Therefore it would be great if I could join in July if a class should be established.

Thank you and hope there will be a fencing class soon in Saigon

I competed in foil and sabre fencing 20 yrs ago in USA, and now I am living in HCMC.  I am not aware of any clubs, though some secondary schools offer term classes to kids.

If anybody is serious about forming a fencing club, let me know.  I may be interested, and although I haven't picked up a blade in 15 years, I used to be reasonably good.  I think a fencing club would do quite well here, in district 1, 2 or 3.


How about we organise a meet-up and discuss options?

Hello fellow fencers!

Thank you for your replies! I totally forgot to check back since I thought my thread was blocked :( But yes I am very serious about getting a group together to fence. Thank you Neil for taking the initiative to start the group chat. I'm looking forward to discuss more with you all.


I am interested as well. I fenced in HS and university in the US, mostly foil but then sabre in college. Also officiated state competitions. Would be good to see a group get together here.

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Hi All,

Please include me as well.  My boys (ages 10 and 12) fenced epee in the U.S. and we'd like to find an outlet for them here in HCMC.  If possible, I'd like to find a coach who could coach a team/club at BIS in the afternoons.  There's other kids there that would like to fence as well.


I'm looking for exactly this kind of set up. Some open fencing and fun! I'm very interested!


Hi, also interested.
5 years experience (epee).
Can't wait to hear from you guys soon..

i'm looking for exactly this kind of set up too.
I'm very interested!  I have 10 years experience (epee).

Can i be in the whatsapp group or send me information about ir??

Hey everyone, I would absolutely love to join as well if this has become a thing. I've been fencing for 15 years (mainly epee) and need to see whether it's worth bringing my things over from London. Thanks

We are relocating to Ho Chi Minh City this month and are interested in getting our 7 year old involved in fencing as he took a camp with former Olympians this summer and enjoyed it. Any chance there is an opportunity like this available?

I have just relocated to HCMC and am looking for fencing here, any opportunity? (I am an epee fencer!)

Hi There,
im in a small group of Fencers here in HCMC.
Feel free to text me on ****
and will give you more direction

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