World Cup 2018

Dears ;

I will be traveling solo for Russia this summer to attend the World Cup ; as I will Ben traveling between different cities to follow Egypt’s match ; I am asking if trains are good choice for long hours travels ; is it clean ; safe ; also safety in general in Russia especially for solo traveler ; would it be a problem ?
Also English speakers are not that much in Russia ; but friendly enough and helpful to understand each other right ?

hello I am also travelling solo and provided you are 'street wise' everything should be good.There will be a massive force of police presence as talking to locals they say that Russia is doing everything possble to keep the games safe and their are also about 15,000 English speaking volunteers employed eho will help tourists/fans.
Trains should be fine but go to Russian trains on the web and you will get an idea...basically if on an overnight train take your cards/money with you.
Hope this helps....I have been allocated 7 tickets.
Jimmy from Scotland...we didnt make the finals but going as a supporter of football.

Thanks Jimmy for the prompt reply ; I have the tickets of Egypt’s games . Will you be attending any ?
Also I heard of big screens in the main central areas in different cities to allow fans to watch other games than the one in the stadium .
Sound like fun and safe ; thanks for the train advice .

Hello again
oh I wish Egypt well but  I am mainly in Moscow twice and St Petersburg twice.
I have managed to get 7 tickets from FIfa ...I am 'over the moon' with joy!

Personally if you are a bit concerned and rather than 'be alone' you can go on small group or even personal tours with a guide there are 'thousands' to select   www.moscowfreetours ..www.airbnb/moscow/experiences which cover every possible interest...I have mentioned these two sites because they are good for solo travellers and the prices are reasonable...hope you like them!

I am also interested to hear from everyone of all Nationalities, male female any religion to exchange views and local information.

Hope this assists you...all the best Jimmy from Scotland...(regretably we didnt qualify...but I love football as an ex FA coach and referree)

Best of luck jimmy ; thanks a lot for the advices

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Welcome dear friends!!! It's amazing!!! It's a great holiday here!!! Hope you have an exciting time here!!!  Аsk questions, If you need. I am in Moscow. I also can accompany guests for walking around the city to enjoy the sightseeings.

the Fifa world cup started out with a bang as many would have expected. the game between Portugal and Spain was by far the best in the tournament! and the biggest came at the hands of Mexicans who defeated the defending champions Germany. so if you are looking to catch the action with a reliable stream, use Ivacy VPN to stay out of DMCA trouble.

Welcome to Russia everyone!

Hi dear.... Are you currently in moscow?!

I'm looking through some stuff after a trip to Russia and I've found tickets and FAN ID.
It was a great summer. Heard that it is possible with the FAN-ID to re-visit Russia. Is that true?

Yes, the visa-free entrance for FAN ID holders has been extended until 31 December 2018. There is also information on the website.

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