Portrait Photography- Female Models

Hello Everyone,

I am looking for new faces for portrait photography (outdoor-indoor) , I'm currently in Taksim area and would love to meet people from various nationalities....

I shoot in both (color & B&W) natural lighting is my specialty.

Please contact me if you have any interest , you choose and keep the best shots post editing.

Cheers :-)

As with any and all requests from men to meet ladies, I strongly recommend any lady accepting the offer take a large, scary, bad tempered MMA fighter with them and leave word of where they are with friends and family.

Not to say our OP is anything but genuine, just advice that should always be considered.

So kind of you Fred for the advice :-)

Of course, a companion is welcome , I Actually encourage having a friend on site.

hey :) I'm a part time model currently in Istanbul for a few work meetings. We could do a collaborative shoot if you're interested :)

x cheers

Hey! I am into acting and love having been pictured. We can meet at a time that is convenient. Best.

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