Tell me your advice - staying in Barbados, October 2018 - March 2019

Why wait 'til 65 to retire? To be a snow bird? :sosad:
I'm 37 and would love to spend winter in Barbados!  :D
Having visited twice, I love it.
Born and raised in Canada I love my home country too!
Can't say I love winter.  :blink:
I would like to get-away to Barbados this year for about 6 months (October 2018 - March 2019.)
Above pic of me (last on the right) and then from left, dad, mom (sleeping while smiling  :joking: ) and uncle in China!
If pic not showing up copy and paste link :idontagree:

Renting an upper level studio or 1 bedroom - short walking distance to a beach, grocery stores, restaurants etc. for a maximum of $600 BDS per month would be ideal!  :proud

what advice would you like to share with me?  :/
About my get-away plan? Pros? Cons? Hiccups? Smooth sailing? Any advice you would like to share with me would be greatly appreciated! :top:

Canadian gal with a winter get-away plan

Hi Syreta,

Your post read my mind, I guess I will just wait for other responses to check my similar thoughts..


Great minds think alike!

Hi Syreta, You might be able to get 3 months, but you would have to go to immigration to get an extension, after that, and they would need proof that you are able to support yourself while you are here, and that includes medical care, housing, and all related costs. They also want a reason, and I don't know all the reasons that they accept.  Immigration does not want anyone working here without a work permit, so they are sensitive to foreign nationals coming down to work. I hope that this helps.

Thank you for your time and advice...My intention is not to work while in Barbados there is one thing checked of the list! Lol!
Seems a simply winter get-away plan may not be so simple  :blink:

You could get 3 months at the airport immigration, as long as you have a place to stay, and a return flight. There may be other questions as every immigration officer is different. The extension would cost about $100 Barbados at the immigration office in the carreenage downtown. Of course rates can change often.

... Sounds more like you're tired of the round-the-clock winter/cold seasons in Canada that makes you wanna opt for 6 months break in Barbs!!!

Thanks Fletch for the infos provided.

Just a major inquiry following up your response, if my passport is entitled to 6 months stay at most, those that mean the immigration can decide to shorten my length of stay on entry, or I can still have my 6 months stay?


Syreta :

Great minds think alike!

.. Sounds more like you're tired of the round-the-clock winter/cold seasons in Canada that makes you wanna opt for 6 months break in Barbs!!!


Did you get my reply to this? I sent it yesterday, but I do not see it.

Hi Fletchh

Thank you for double checking....I also do not see the most recent post you speak of....     :/

Plans still working fine?

Regarding 6 months. You can ask for It, but be prepared for a discussion. The worst that can happen is that they will give you 3 months, and ask you to go to immigration downtown to get an additional 3 months.

Got it! Thanks Fletchh!

Oh yes! It's about MINUS FIFTEEN here! Yes! Thinking about being in Barbados next winter makes me smile. Plans are still a go!

Hi Syreta,

Were you able to lock down housing Barbados? Please pm me if you're still looking?

Hey, your plans sounds amazing wish I had the same planned however I’m going in October for 1 month to further arrange to relocate next year. If you’re looking to socialise/ go for coffee or other activities while you’re there give me a shout 😁

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