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Hey guys, I have just joined the site and looking for some feedback  about living in Barbados, weather you're an expat or a local please fill me in! I am looking to move in the next year from Canada with my spouse(by then husband) and our dog and cat. He will have his Barbadian citizenship by descent and I will apply for mine by virtue of marriage. Will I have difficulties obtaining work if I have my citizenship? Looking for any info on relocating with pets, expenses of living in Barbados, jobs, health care...anything else that may help  ...fill me in!!

I'm English and married to a Bajan. I don't have citizenship yet, although I've applied. It can take two years to process, you don't get an interview until six months after you've put the application in.
Barbados is very, very expensive. Everything except rum and beer costs a fortune and the quality of goods is really poor. I regret not sending my furniture here now. Food is a shock. The yoghurt I buy in England for less than £1, is the equivalent of almost £5. My £1 muesli is £6, and so on. A word of warning! Beware of buying from stalls. Nothing has a price on and as soon as they hear your accent they will add a few dollars. My husband was born in Barbados but spent most of his life in England, so we both have English accents. Also most people in Barbados assume if you are English/American/Canadian, then you are wealthy and can help them out too. Also, don't believe the hype about Bajans being the friendliest people in the world. I've met some great friendly people, yes, but just as many unfriendly ones, mostly women. I am white and married to a black guy. Yesterday my husband overheard a woman at the beach ask her friend if she thought I was his floosie.

Unfortunately a lot about what you say is so true it’s sad.  I come and go a lot as I work for an airline and I have to bring things that i enjoy to eat or drink( wine) .  I’m black, my husband is too from Dominica, so we both have accents.. the thing about the women so true, but I’m black so I have no idea what their problem is.  My mother is Bajan and I don’t get the cattiness.  They chat about you within earshot about your clothes, your weight ( I’m quite slim). Every experience you have I can identify with.  Shopping is a nightmare at stalls so true, I sense a lot of resentment from women on a daily basis when I’m there.  My advice if you can speak up for yourself it’s better, bajans love to chat about you but they can’t tske the confrontation. Cowardly actually.  Take care x

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