New members of the Belize forum, introduce yourselves here - 2018

We will be visiting Ambergris Caye next month with an eye for potentially moving there in the next couple of years. Where are the best places to go to meet expats and get a feel for what life is like there?


I am reinventing my life  Coming to Belize on 9/29  via Cancun, to spend a week deciding where in Belize I want to settle. Then I will head back to the states to handle the necessary business to make a smooth transition.
I am very handy with tools, love to garden and repurpose items. I love unique living. I have lived off the grid in the desert, in a Sanra Fe caboose.  I love to walk and Kayak. I'm looking for as much information as possible, from expat's that have sucessfully made the transition.

Good morning my friends.  My name is Tommy . Over 30 years ago while stationed in pearl harbor Hawaii in the Navy, I saw a picture of Belize in a magazine and swore one day to move here.  Well, 2 years ago after talking about it for so many years,  I finally decided to visit  . I knew I was home.  I moved to Belize this past June and I love every minute of it.  I'm single and I enjoy the freedom that brings to travel on a whim. Thank you and I hope to see you around San Pedro.

We are Canadians with plans to relocate to Ambergris Caye in July/August 2019. We have a 6 year old daughter who will attend the Island Academy.

We are still researching if it makes sense to import anything!  We would consider importing household goods, but not furniture, a golf cart or Polaris, a scooter, bikes and some other miscellaneous things. What is recommended by those who have relocated?

We have visited the island a few times and are visiting again for a month over Christmas this year.

Any advise is greatly appreciated, especially by any other expats who’ve relocated with kids!

I'm not sure if you can import a golf cart to the Cayes, they have to be licensed and I was under the impression only citizens or legal residents were allowed the licenses. I could very easily be wrong and things are probably different these days.
The bikes and scooter on the other hand are a good idea,  bikes on sale locally tend to be very basic. Some   super expensive racing bikes can be imported via a few specialist riding clubs. I would advise just bring things you really feel the family would miss  badly if they didn't have them.
Simple things like household and particularly bed  linens are a good Idea to bring also, again locally the  choices are the cheap (outside of Belize) man made fibre sheets,  for good quality sheets the prices are really high and they're not all that easy to find.
Most things ARE  available within Belize but you may have to search several locations to find them and the Cayes are not as well served as even the mainland for retail stores. Small kitchen appliances are readily available but  probably not  all the brands you are likely to know and love.
If you are here for a full month  before your relocation, it will be a good chance to check out what is  and isn't available that you know you would need for the family.
Anything you do decide to import will incur customs duty, so do start to  keep handy a list of the items you will want to ship and the values of all of them. You will need it then, and if you have a lot already listed makes life easier when you pack up later.

Hi All!

Newbie to the site and I’m glad I found you all. I have visited Belize a few times and fall deeper in love each time I go. I’m in California now and plan to retire to Belize in a few years. I want to buy a piece of property now and then build my home later. That way I’ll have the place I want paid for when I retire. Anyhow I love all the information and just wanted to say hi!


Hi there!
We are a couple from Vancouver, Ca and we are planing to visit Belize in November. There is a new residential place in Corozal called Altamira where we want to see and maybe buy a house. We would like to buy and then move there in a couple of years. If is anyone in the area who can give us some info or advice, would be appreciated.

Hi All,
I have been thinking about moving to Belize for a quite a while now. I am a retired military veteran who is just looking for the quiet time.
I am going to move to Belize within the next year or two. Is it wise to bring furniture and TV's with me  or should I just purchase new items. I have a car and truck but i am thinking of getting rid of my car and just keeping the truck is this a good idea?I want to make my transition as smooth as possible.  I plan on renting my first year and to buy a home after I am comfortable.

Are there any homes directly on the beach for rent  for around $800 -$1100 per month.

Dennis B

Hi welcome to the forum. If you want directly on the beach, anywhere in Belize your budget could be a little low, on the cayes very low. On the Mainland you could possibly find something within your budget if you are not wanting to be in the midst of the tourist areas, i,e, Placencia village, but possibly further along the peninsula. Corozal Area ( which I don't know well) I believe is lower priced but much of it is coastal but not Beach per se.
If you intend to rent for a year ( very sensible) then rent furnished , and the importing of your  furniture is not initially needed. Also in that year you would have plenty of time to explore and discover much more of Belize and  decide if you really have found your forever home.
At the end of that year would be the time decide if you still wished to import your belongings. You can buy virtually anything in Belize just not the price you would pay at home, but you would have to pay customs duty  importing ( usually high)  your old stuff, So maybe the higher prices in Belize for New replacements would even out somewhat.
A good truck will be invaluable most anywhere in Belize, regular cars need a high clearance to allow for the sleeping policemen (speed humps) beloved in Belize.

Thank you so much. Appreciate it.


Thank you so much for your info. As we know , we need to live there for a year before we can apply for QPR and every month we have to pay for the visa. I don't know if this is all true but I hope we can get more info about this. What concerns me is that we can't have a bank account and looks that is very hard to get one. Any advice for us is very welcome.


You do not need to live in Belize( paying monthly visas to apply for QRP. You can apply for the QRP as soon as you get here you would  only need to do the visas while waiting for it to come through.
The Banking system is difficult, after we were initially refused an account we got the Bank (in our case Belmopan branch of  Scotiabank) to send OUR letter of appeal in which we quoted the rules for QRP that a local bank was needed to accept the $2000 US per month. Central bank then allowed the account to go through.  It is a long annoying process but it is possible if the bank you wish to use backs your up. Belize bank did not want to help. We were living in the US  when we did this mainly on the Internet, with a couple of visits to get to know the bank when in Belmopan. As yet we still have not applied for the QRP as we have not moved down permanently, I will be down next week for my fifth visit this year, I usually spend 4 to six months a year in Belize spread throughout the year at 2 to 4 week stays at our property. My son is now a permanent resident and lives on our property all year.

Thanks terrific! Just curious, you still have to deposit 2000$US in the bank even after you got your QRP and live there?


Yes you have to deposit the $2k every month wether in Belize or not. if  accepted on  the QPR. So long as you keep the deposits coming every month, you actually only have to live in Belize for one month of the year. That is why we WILL do the ORP after we move down as at the moment we just send cash down as and when we are going to need it,  not too often at the moment as all our building is finished,into our own account and my son has his own regular account for his pay and he uses it  to keep everything balanced.

Yes but after I get the QRP and I move there permanently I still have to deposit the money every month?

YUP The QRP is meant to encourage Expats to invest in Belize. It is paid into your own bank account every month . This is still your own money to spend as you wish, it is not a tax or fee to the government.
The $2us was decided on as the amount it should cost for an expat couple  to live reasonably in Belize. It is the same $2K amount if only either of  you or your spouse were to take the QRP, as it is for a couple.
I know of one couple who the husband took QRP and the wife did the legal resident route they felt they got the best of both that way. They imported their goods and a vehicle tax free but later the wife once  a legal resident was able to start and run  her own business. it is a Band B.
On the QRP you cannot start or buy a business and 'work' in it yourself, just employ Belizeans.

Got it terrific! So I guess if I buy a house there but do not apply for QRP I can withdraw as much money as I need to live from an ATM as long as I renew my visa every 30 days?

hi all
i am in New Orleans and thinking of buying property
i am looking for an ex-pat community to be nearby or part-of.

i grow tropical fruit and other edible plants as a hobby
and looking for a warm (no winter frost) place with an acre or more.
i also think i would enjoy a small community rather than living in the city.

is anyone here from Consejo Shores ??
i read there are 50+ ex-pats there
and i saw property for sale also.

any other areas to recommend ?


Hello everyone!

My wife, Staci and I are headed to Belize in a couple of days to check out different areas around the country.  We are planning on visiting Placencia, Hopkins, Corozal, San Pedro and Cay Caulker.  We've been to Belize before and love it!  We sailed for 2 weeks with Belize Sailing Vacations last time and WOW, that was spectacular!  So much so, that we hope to buy a large catamaran and put it in their fleet.  In the meantime,  we're checking out different areas to see what looks appealing to us as a future home.  We'd welcome your thoughts and stories of your experiences.  Thanks!

I moved to northern belize CorozalTown 2+ years ago
Had many interesting days learning the in
I can still give it a reserved high five

planning week holiday in sept 2019
to caye caulker island
need room

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Hi everyone,

Welcome to Expat.Com Niteshadow,

Have a look at the Housing in Belize section of the website, you may even post an advert there.

All the best,

Message me and can talk and I can answer any questions you might have

Good day, my wife Kim and myself(Norm) moved here from Dawson Creek BC late August and am currently living in Corozal, lovely spot people have been totally awesome, timeframes to get QRP, bank account quite long and seem to want every piece of paper about your entire life and even then its a wait and see, currently trying to figure out how to transfer funds from our Canadian bank to Atlantic bank here in Corozal and not getting very far. Only real thing I've noticed is the price of fuel is a lot more than even our high price we were paying in Canada. On a 1 year lease at present with hopes to extend it to 5. Plenty of places to shop and eat and the food so far has been excellent.

Welcome to COROZAL
Waiting for everything seems to be the Belizean way
I retired to COROZAL Towne , Belize now going on 3 years ago from Indiana USA
Was thinking QRP when first researched
but the Tourism bureau kept changed requirements/rules suddenly so lost interest in getting involved in a program that might change suddenly depending on the mood of the Tourism division.Needed the ability to work/own a business if the opportunity presents itself
We can visit over drinks(fruit slushies.Expresso.Hibiscus wine (locally made wine across the Bay in Cerros Maya) would look forward to it

:) Good morning, My name is Jenny and I live in Ohio at this point.we are 57 and 58 years old.  My husband and I are planning on moving to Belize in maybe 3 years.  We have looked at a lot of sights and stuff on Belize, but are still kind of dumbfounded.  We would love anyone that could give us any kind of information about what we need to do, some of the best places that are not expensive, because we are on a very limited budget at the moment, we only get $1000.00 a month from my husbands SSI disability, and I am in the process of opening a travel agency.  We would welcome any advice you can give us..

:) Good morning, My name is Jenny and I live in Ohio at this point.we are 57 and 58 years old.  My husband and I are planning on moving to Belize in maybe 3 years.  We have looked at a lot of sights and stuff on Belize, but are still kind of dumbfounded.  We would love anyone that could give us any kind of information about what we need to do, some of the best places that are not expensive, because we are on a very limited budget at the moment, we only get $1000.00 a month from my husbands SSI disability, and I am in the process of opening a travel agency.  We would welcome any advice you can give us..

well its rainning here in nanaimo
so realy wish I was on caye cauker island till spring
still looking forplace to rent for 2 people for month
sept 1 till 31st 2019

Hi folks, my name is bethlyn and i am a typical ohioian go buckeyes!  i know buckeyes are considered useless nuts, but hey get to  know us first!  we have lived in a cabin in the woods on a creek that i found when i was about 10 years old.  i was convinced i would live there someday.  then i remet my 8th grade sweetheart and he surprised me by telling me make the deal and it's yours.  so i have lived my dream. he wants the island life, therefore, i looked around and belize seems wonderful and within our abilities money wise.  forgive in advance, i am not tech savy and make many mistakes.  my husband was a wonderful Ironworker before retiring (he would never tell that nor let me tell anyone)  in ohio there is a park called cedar point.  my husband built  (well was the supervisor)-yet couldn't keep his belt off) called tower power.  2 sides go up fat, down slow, 2 go opposite. and when the job was about 3/4 thru he realized the blue prints were wrong.  so after 12 hours in the freezing lake erie winter, he went home and redid the blue prints.  and sure enough he was right.  he's amazing really, the things he can do.  and he's a real nice guy, i'm the talker, he's the quiet river running deep.  the only thing i left out are my kids.  i have 2 adult children one girl one boy --where they got their looks from is a mystery to me.  my son gets taken for bradly cooper, tho we don't see it.  my daughter is just plain beautiful, not because she's mine just because that is the description that fits her.  that's me.  love to hear from some folks.  have great days.

Hello and welcome to the forum. You can find a lot of good information here, and feel free to ask anything.
For specifics about 'island living' in Belize, you might want to use the search tool and search for threads on Ambergris Caye, Caye Caulker, or San Pedro.
If you are coming here as a retiree, you can go 2 ways- permanent resident or the QRP program, both have advantages and disadvantages. In general you can live pretty well in Belize on about (US) $1,500-2,000/month, but it would cost you more for the 'island life', depending on specific wants and 'needs'. You can'sacrifice and do it cheaper, depends on what you require.
Belize is a developing country and the infrastructure will not be what you are accustomed to.
Come check it out before you make any decisions.
Good luck in your quest.

thank you so much.

Thank you! This is very valuable information! I’m considering living in Belize but, I’m somewhat leery because I don’t want to be taken advantage of.
Thanks again

Hello ExPats. We are Terry & Jeanne. We have 7 visits to Belize and are seriously thinking about moving to Belize.

Our area of choice is Corozal/Consejo.

Looking for good, helpful journey on the forum.

We are both retired and visited Belize once before. We sold our farm and moved here in late December 2018. Enjoying ourselves while looking for the right home to buy. It seems that everyone wants to sell us one. Is anyone in Belize NOT in the real estate game?😁

Ha, ha... that's true because there are so many that don't last 2 years. Since we've lived on our sailboat, sailed to St. Thomas USVI and lived there for about 8 years... the one thing you have to learn is to go with the flow.

Belieze isn't the US or Canada and things aren't like what people have been used to. That's good in my opinion, because I'm definitely in the go slow mode. Instead of the continuous 80+ mph traffic and endless shopping centers, businesses, homes that you see... I like driving slow and seeing the green landscape.

We will be back in early May to take an 8th look around.

Why would you not be able to have a bank account. We are planning on moving to Corozal district in 2020.

jmjohnston88 :

Why would you not be able to have a bank account. We are planning on moving to Corozal district in 2020.

Please use the search feature here to see this answer and the answer to many other questions that are asked over and over again in this forum. Spending a few hours searching this forum is one of the most informative things a person new to Belize can do.  ;)

Nice!! I’m interested n relocating me n my fam to Belize, concern is money there, I’m trynna see what I can offer Belize etc

CandiGyal :

Nice!! I’m interested n relocating me n my fam to Belize, concern is money there, I’m trynna see what I can offer Belize etc

No need to be concerned about money here, each American is allowed to bring in up to USD $10,000 cash (BZD $20,000) without declaring it each trip. But even if bringing in more, just declare it, fill out a forum at customs and be on your way.

I am new to this forum. I am 56, married, living in Oklahoma.
We were in Placencia a couple of weeks ago and thoroughly enjoyed the area. We are exploring the idea of moving there.
Is it possible to buy a house on the beach between $150-$200k?
We would probably rent for awhile and do our due diligence before making any major decisions. I would appreciate any input.

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