cheap flights?

Hello everyone-

just joined.  i am currently visiting in Florida and planning a trip to Belize in late November.  So far he cheapest flights out of Miami are around $550us.  I have been told the cheapest way to get there in thru Cancun (less than $200us).  Does anyone know of cheaper air fare to Belize City or is the Cancun?bus thing a pretty good way to go??  Thanks.


It is a time or money thing. Flying into Belize directly is quicker.

Flying into Cancun and taking a bus to Belize is cheaper but takes more time.

Now there is a direct bus from Cancun to Belize City. ADO bus line does it. The bus ride takes 23 hours.

I always go to Cancun and take a bus to Chetumal and then have employees pick me up.

How much is your time worth?

How do you figure 23 hours. Bus leaves Cancun 10:15pm arrives Belize City 6:30 am

Well the sign at the ADO bus terminal in Cancun said 23 hours.

I assumed the sign was correct. I have never taken this bus. I just saw the sign.

I new there were real smart people that can use the internet to check the times and prices.

    Today 10:39:59

How do you figure 23 hours. Bus leaves Cancun 10:15pm arrives Belize City 6:30 am

That sounds like a good airfare price to me i went last December from Houston and the cost was 852us round trip i ask about one way they told me it would only be 50us less.Airfare changes according to time of year and how close it is to a Holiday.


Thanks for the info guys.  I have found that Spirit has the cheapest rates to Cancun 180+us.  They fly out of Ft Lauderdale.

Any recommendations on places to stay in Corozal or Orange Walk area.  I have a guide--Central America on a shoestring--yes money is a main consideration.


IF your looking for something cheap and clean in Corozal I would check out the Sea Breeze Hotel Gwyn Lawrence the owner is a good guy.

thanks sleddog--i'm on that.  emailed him yeserday, but have not heard back.

I second the Seabreeze - love Gwyn and the hotel. Awesome location and good breakfasts too. I recommend the front balcony room.

ive done the trip many times, if you have specific questions let me know.

also some great spots in playa del carmen to stay for a night.

I tried to see what would come up Belize City to Houston and it couldn't find any flights. That's a pretty common trip for most of us expats. Not sure this site is a good one for Belize to States travel. Maybe I was doing something wrong???

most flights from the states are between 500 and 650 us round trip. I fly from portland oregon every year and book our flight 4 to 6 weeks before we want to leave, as long as its not at easter or christmas the prices are always in this range. good luck and happy travels