Language Barrier

Hi all. September 2017 i moved from London to Saint Nazaire with my French partner. I spoke very little French before arriving
When I shared little worries or nerves with family & friends over learning the French language, all said ‘you'll pick up it up easily, no worry!' and back in September my French in laws said ‘en trois/quatre mois tu parleras très bien, c'est pas grave!'. It's five months on and I feel all is pas très bien! Im at basic level and have simple conversations.
I am improving, slowly; I go to French classes three mornings a week, speak in French at home (we have to keep dragging ourselves back to French as we always slip into English unknowingly!), I read kids books from the supermarché, practice writing etc. But I feel I'm not picking up this beautiful language quickly enough to adapt and inttergrate well here, or learning as quick as others seem to learn a new language.
I like France, I enjoy so much living in the country side, so happy to be with my partner, think the food is fab, have met lots of lovely new family, yet I'm still very much struggling to adjust to the new life. I feel the language barrier is a huge part of it.
Do others feel the same? And how did you overcome the difficulties? Would love to hear of others experiences, hope I'm not the only one who has found it a little tricky at the start.
Thank you

The language barrier is a bit of a killer at first but you'll get into it pretty quickly if you keep your positive attitude and avoid using your native tongue when possible.
You'll make a million mistakes but you'll get there.

Thanks for your post, will keep up the positive thinking!

Take it easy! ☺️French is not an easy language to learn. Obviously you have all the enthusiasm to learn the language and that's great, but I think you're putting so much pressure on yourself that instead of enjoying the process, you're getting frustrated. Learning a language is most effective when you're relaxed. When your brain is stressed, its learning and memory capacity are significantly reduced. I actually admire you that you can already carry conversations at five months.

Do you like movies or books (of course you do, everybody does)? Watch/read their French version. Songs helped me a lot. Helped me with prononciation, vocabulary and even verb tenses! The key really, is to relax and enjoy. Anyway, I wish you well and good luck! Remember...relax! 😉

Thanks for your post you're totally right. I'm always reading and enjoy movies so I will definitely do that. I'm looking for a yoga class too- I think that will do some good! Must r.e.l.a.x 🙂 Thanks again for the kindness & motivation