Everyone to meet at Nantes city center

I would like to invite everyone to come this weekend to the center of Nantes to meet up, make new contacts and new friends... but most of all to share your experiences in France.
I have been living in France for 2years now and for my 1st year I learn the french language to be able to intergrate into society and continue my career. 
I would like to meet more english speaking people as well as french speakers. 
I would be more than happy to help out anyone with english and in exchange if possible would like some help to improve my french.
I am currently studying and working. 

I will name the place where we could meet tomorrow. 
I am inviting everyone!  Please contact me so I can organise this event better.
My contact number is 0675363572
See you guys soon!


Hey waseem

I'm coming to Nantes to live on 31st Dec. I was hoping you were still in town. I was hoping you could offer me some tips and info on finding somewhere to stay cheap, good bars etc etc.

Thanks, I look forward to hearing from you.


Hi wasseem,

Are you still,currently in Nantes? Still looking for french contacts?
My compagnon and i have been living in Nantes for 2 years. We mooved from France (end of march)!to,settle in UK.
We have still contacts (friends) we can put in touch with you

Au plaisir de pouvoir vous aider a distance

Tony et Florence

Hi kangacaille,

Feel free to open/create a new thread in the Nantes forum as this discussion is dated 2012 :).

Thank you

Expat-blog Team.