Purchasing American soft drinks in HCMC

Does anyone know where I can purchase American soft drinks (coca cola, Dr pepper, Bargs, A&W, etc.), in HCMC? (What stores? What districts?)

They're sold in every supermarket (Co.op, Big C, Emart, Lotte, ...), convenience store (Vinmart, Family Mart, Ministop, B's Mart, Circle K, Shop & Go ...) and restaurant on every street in the city.  They're also sold at gas stations and almost every street food stand in almost every neighbourhood.

Coca Cola / Fanta and Pepsico products are available, although diet versions are rare or unavailable. I haven't seen anything as exotic as Barq's Root beer, or A&W in stores. There are definitely no A&W restaurants :sosad: like there are in Thailand and Singapore.
A couple malls have imported food sections, Takashimaya and Giant in Crescent Mall might have some surprises.

Not Barq, but A&W can be found in Q3 and Bình Thạnh:  A&W

I grew up drinking Sá Xị Con Cọp (sarsaparilla from BGI with the picture of a tiger on the label, made right here in Saigon).  Didn't care much for it, but it was supposed to be a hip thing to drink.

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