Life in Baoding

Hi ! I would like to know something about Baoding. I have received a work offer, but I have found old references about the city. Is this still the most poluted city in China ?

Beijing has good and bad aspects.  Don't judge it by hearsay on pollution. Beijing pollution is equivalent to the pollution in LA.  However, the pollution varies day to day.  In LA the pollution is a constant smog.

I think that you will probably enjoy your time in Beijing. Good luck, and welcome to China.  May your time here be wonderful and fantastic!

Baoding is not very far from Beijing and Tianjin. Generally speaking ,the cities are somewhat polluted in North of China. 
But I think it's ok to work there. I think you don't need to be scared by the possible pollution.

Thanks for the feedback. Beijing is 146 km from Baoding. It is close, but not for an everyday commute. What are the good and the bad things would you list about Beijing ?

Good aspects: It's the capital of China, most of top authorities are located there, many state-owned companies have thier headquarters there, most of MNC have it's office there, famous universities and hospitals are there, and it's very convient to live a big city like that.
Bad aspects: it's too crowded, even though there is almost the most advanced communication system. it's somewhat polluted, but it's improving better, the majority of mills and factories have been moving outside Beijing.
Anyway it's not a bad choice to live, study and work there.

Hi, have you accepted the offer in Baoding? If yes how do you find the life there? Thanks

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