New member from Bulgaria, living Shanghai

Hi there. I'm Anna from Bulgaria. Currently live in Shanghai. Look for new friends)

Hello! I am Carol from Hong Kong.  I travelled to Sofia, Bulgaria and would like to know some Bulgarian friends! Where do you live? Please add my WeChat: *** Thank you!

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I just had an Intern from the UK who immigrated from Bulgaria. She loved China, though she really missed potatoes.  That was until I showed her the secret of Bulgarian-survival in China... KFC has mashed potatoes!  Yes they do.  It is called Tudo Ni. They also have this stringed potato dish with oil and spices.  You would love it.  It is available in most restaurants.

I never could understand the basement stores in Bulgaria.  You have to get on your knees to place an order...

Anyways, this will be a wonderful adventure for you.  I welcome you and I sincerely hope that you will have a great time. I suggest that you come with an open heart and open ideas.  Be welcoming.  Smile a lot. And try to be and act Chinese.  Avoid hanging around expats too much.  You can do that later when you return back home.

If you try to make friends, the Chinese will love you right back.  Trust me.

Best wishes!

Thanks a lot for your nice message))

I don't like playing tennis and never play golf.  I like cats.

Hello I'm Albert from Taiwan. I just moved to Shanghai for 3 weeks.


Just for fun. If you like cats then you would LOVE this website;

Just arrived to Shanghai from India

Hi guy, I've lived in Shanghai for about 3 yrs. Currently looking for a roommate to share the rent. Please let me know if you're interested. The location is a bit far from downtown though, close to Shanghai Disneyland.

Hi ,

PM me please

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