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hi all

i've been in shanghai for a few months working here as a designer. I am 36 born in sydney... korean background and interested in meeting new people..expats..for a drink and get together. Looking to get a group of professional people together for some drinks. Reply if you are interested! thx


Interested party here. Singaporean and in the IT field. Same age as you. Will be in Shanghai on and off for weeks so can't wait to meet like minded people for drinks and chat.



I'm interested too!  I'm 34 and an academic teaching at a University here in SH.  I'll be here for a year and I'd like to meet new people, building my social network.  Let me know if you arrange something.

Thank you,

I'm planning to go Zhu Jia Jiao this coming saturday.... anyone wants to come along?

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Short write-up on Zhu Jia Jiao

nice photos

Hello I am a UK designer in Shanghai & would be great to meet some more people. C

Hello All,

Let's all get together!  I'd love to meet up.  I teach during the day so early evenings and nights are the best time for me.  I'm in the Minhang District but I'm not far from Hengshan Lu where a lot of expats hang out.  There's some great places for drinks, dinner, etc.  Would Hengshan Road be a good central location for everyone?  Let's talk and we can set something up!


Yes lets get together... where? when?

hi all

sorry ive been out of the loop for sometime. I would love to meet you all but i wont be available until after the october holidays..heading off to london for a week.
Perhaps a friday night  maybe the 16th october if everyones free? somewhere for drinks would be great..any bar suggestions would be good.

Hello all - yes let's get together after the holiday - I will be free at weekends again -at last!  No idea about venue - only ever been taken to completely awful kareoke bars & cheesy clubs with work so all suggestions welcome :)

would love to join you as well. but unfortunately one month ago i was hit by chinese motorbike driver and now i am sitting at home with the leg fracture. as you can see chinese people are crazy drivers))))))) so be careful.i hope in one month after my recovery i'll be able to meet up with you

lets meet 16 Oct 2009.. How about Xintiandi?

Hi everyone,

let me know how it wil goes.

I'll move to Shanghai on the next sat so I can not join you this time.
I'm looking forward to meet new people.

see you soon :))))

Hello all,

I'm new in Shanghai and will be glad to join all of u on the 16th, so let me know your plans.

Ok great... we're meeting :D... there are 2 suggestions, Hengshan Road and XinTianDi. Since we've never met and not sure how many will turn up, we might need to get a place where it's not that difficult to get a place big enough for at least 5? (sounds like mission impossible in Shanghai :P)

Hmmm.... what time will be a good time for all? Will have some logistics challenge if cannot pin point a place and time to meet.

@ Janin_White... sorry to hear about your encounter, hope you are recovering well and do join us if you are better else there'll always be a next meeting... will keep u informed.

are we still meeting tomorrow? Any suggestions?

I'm still gain - XinTianDi sounds good??? … ian-di.htm
We could meet at HuangPi station & decide on a bar when we get there? 
Wont be able to check this till after work tomorrow but for those gain we could meet at say 8pm?

hello again,
not sure if i can make tonight but do let me know if this sounds ok to you whether i can go or not. There is a bar called american belle on changle lu...its not a great bar but small enough to easily spot people. After a drink we can go elsewhere if need.  Let me know if its ok as i may be able to come in for a drink. As i said if its out of your way not to 8pm the cofnrimed time?

how did it go? did you guys all meet up?
i got a message but was too late as i just read it today..

sorry about that and i have to work late last night.. so did not have a chance to go out..

so when will be the next meeting?

When is the next time? I would love to meet new friends too!!!

Lets schedule again this friday night... House of Blues (by the bund) 9.30pm?

anyone in?

If you want to meet fellow professionals (expat and English speaking Chinese)in Shanghai then contact Linda from the FC Club (Fortune Connection Club) in Shanghai. She organises regular networking events.  Her website is is

I'm a fellow designer in Shanghai too, but I'm residing all the way in Pudong, Jinqiao... if anyone would like to meet up, that'll be great! I can finally get in touch with 'civilisation'!

not sure this thread is active still?

i'm an attorney new to pudong area, but i like to think i'm less boring than that combination would suggest.  would love to meet up for drinks most any weekend.  happy to meet most anywhere if people are up for it.  if folks are around this weekend and want to meet, let me know.

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Sounds good! I am interested, too. Australian Chinese. 28 years old. Born in Shanghai. Please let me know your plan. Cheers.

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