Living in Beijing with young children

Hi, my husband is offered a job in Beijing recently. I have a 2 year old and i am 6 months pregnant. My worry is about pollution. I heard that air and water pollution is a big problem in Beijing and i dont feel comfortable bringing my new born and 2 year old to Beijing. Can i please hear from you how bad does it get? How do you deal with the pollution problem? Do you think it impacts the children’s quality of life? Thanks in advance for your help

Pollution is terrible.  However, not every place has the pollution.  You now are specifically talking about Beijing, and air pollution. OK.  This is what I know...

Beijing Air Pollution

1. Beijing has the same conditions for air pollution as Los Angles does.
2. On a scale, the quality of air in Beijing is comparable with that in LA.
3. It varies from season to season. There will be days of no pollution at all.
4. The Chinese are very sensitive to dirt, grime and pollution.  So they will wear masks.  Americans not so much.  Have you seen anyone wear masks in LA?
5. To counter the effects of pollution in your house, use an air purifier. Since you and your children will spend most of the time at home, this will greatly minimize any concerns that you have.  I would suggest a 99.999 HEPA that is a large room sized model.  They are available in China at reasonable prices. Get one on TaoBao.
Beijing isn't always polluted. There will be nice days.

China Water Pollution

1. No one in China drinks tap water.
2. We all use bottled water, or have a filter.
3. Water quality is far better than what it was, but no one takes any chances.
4. Always boil your water first.
5.  Use tea to wash and rinse your dishes before you use them.

Finally, your fears are misplaced.  There are issues certainly with China, but if you listen to the Western media you would shiver in fear in an underground bunker.  Their JOB is to make your fearful.  Most of what they write is pretty much extreme nonsense.  Come here.  See for yourself and make your own decisions.  Good luck.

Thank you Vannrox for taking the time to reply. Really useful information

Install  air humidifier and air cleaner inside apartment which you will move in

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