Opening A US$ Account (I know btdt)

Thank you. Sounds like 2 accounts is useful. Same bank for both accounts? Will one letter of reference from my US bank be enough?

Yes same bank for both and a single letter will cover both.

Bob K

The only real difference is their request for a letter of Reommendation, soumds like you have the  guy !

Oh my goodness. When was the last time you actually opened a brand new bank account people?

The rules have changed dramatically in the last 24 months!!! You need every piece of paper the bank asks for. And each bank is slightly different!

Christie -   sounds like you are ready. Sometimes the person to vouch for you is the hardest part when you are new here!

Been a while for me. But I do not live in some phony gated community area full of pretentious gringos who do not really even know real Dominicans. Punta Cana is about like the Dominican Republic like Vegas Represents the USA ... How can I get rid of this forum ? Seriously .... Some of you are very helpful and real people, who offer specific helpful information. I have been here off and on for 34 years, live in a very rural environment, and the majority of these topics are for people trying to live in this country as if they are still in Canada or the US. Seriously, I do not know how, but please remove me from this forum. I am too curious, and as long as it keeps showing up in my in box, I peep. Sometimes blown away by the questions and perceptions coastal, semi tourists have about this nation. I bid you farewell ....

In the 60's, partacking of "sunshine" had a different meaning. So did "Mellow yellow", welcome to our sunshine

Kayak talking about being  pretentious.  Just ignore what shows up in your box and personally as one   pretentious  gringo living his "blended" lifestyle here I won't miss you :)
Bob K

Kayak you can unsubscribe to the various threads and to this website. Choice is yours.

Each to his own - your life choices are not for everyone. Respect that as others should respect yours!

The baggage that we bring with us should never be more than a back pack worth. Those who bring a containers worth will never be content anywhere. Usually because containers will never fit under the bed. Should I have put " marks around back pack & containers to clarify my intent? Feel free for a riposte. Look it up if necessary, I did!

BOB, I  love a well blended margarita!

Ah but Margarita makers might be in said container! You can't have it both ways darling!

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