Accommodation-rental in Wellington

Hi All

My wife and I have decided to relocate to Wellington. I have a job offer  and I am looking for accommodation. I see if I want to live in the city, majority of the apartments are fully furnished and I see if i want to live outside the city, they are partially furnished. I am contemplating on whether to bring my belongings(fridge, bed, couch etc) over as I see alot of apartments/units are partially furnished. Is that a norm in Wellington?

Deciding against whether to live in the city or outside the city, how reliable is public transport?

Looking forward to hearing from the members.


Apartments are often advertised as fully or partially furnished.
The cost of shipping your gear over to NZ would be prohibitively expensive as you can purchase everything here at a reasonable cost. 
Go online and check out the prices as there are many businesses here from which to purchase such goods from. The Warehouse, Noel Leemings, Briscoes, Harvey Norman etc. Buying new also gives you a warranty period which you would not have with your own goods.

I am not up on transport in Wellington but again a Google search will help whilst waiting for other members to reply.

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