Moving to Mulheim, Germany from Bangalore, India

Dear Expats,

I'll be moving to Mulheim, Germany from Bangalore, India in early 2018. This is my first visit to Germany and I got my work permit approved. I would like to know local culture in Mulheim, cost of living, Finding an accommodation and do's and don't's. I'm a bachelor and will be moving alone to Germany.
If any of our expats know accommodation details, please do let me know. I prefer shared apartment. I need accommodation from 15-Feb-2018.
Thank you very much.


Hi Jaynath,

I am planning to visit in the month of March .

Hi Kumar,

Thanks for the Reply. I'll be moving in mid of January. Are you coming to Mulheim too?


There is no place called Mulheim, but several similarly called places: Mülheim an der Ruhr, Mühlheim am Main, Mühlheim an der Donau, Müllheim, Köln-Mülheim.
For your information: If your keyboard does not have the German Umlauts, you can represent ä, ö ü and ß by ae, oe, ue and ss - but not by a, o, u and s (yes, these details are important in German).

Hi Beppi,

Thanks for the inputs. Its Mülheim an der Ruhr.


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