What are your thoughts about Chinese KTV's?

One of the fundamental aspects of Chinese social life is drinking Baijiu, eating Shaokao outside at night, and going to the KTV with friends to sing and party. I am curious about what other expats think of this.  Now, I am specifically talking about family and group KTV's, not the business KTV's and all that.


(1)  Specifically, what do you prefer more, the small cheap KTV's that are in the villages, and are very cheap, or the more expensive glitzy KTV's that are found in the cities?

(2)  How much do you typically spend?

(3)  Do you use the Internet to get the best deals, or do you simply prefer to walk in and make the reservations yourself?


(4)  What snacks do you usually buy and what are your favorites?


(5)  When you sing, do you sing the English songs, or do you try to sing in Chinese?

I have found KTV's as one of the most important social mechanisms that China has to offer.  In fact, I will go as far that if you are NOT going to KTV's you are isolating yourself from social interaction in China.  In China EVERYONE goes to KTV's.  That includes little toddlers to crusty old grandmothers, who will stand up and belt out a few ancient songs from Mr. Mao days...

For those of you all who haven't a clue as to what I am talking about, or who wants to get the KTV experience, but don't know where to start, you can go HERE.  It's a great introduction to the newbe.

(6)  How long do you typically book the room for?

(7)  And, how many friends do you go out with?

(8)  How good of a singer are you?

(9)  Do you ever rent a hostess to sing with you and play dice with? 

(10)  What do you normally drink there?  VSOP, White WIne, Beer, Red wine, JinJiu or something else?


For me...

(1)  I like both.  The village ones are fun and cheap.
(2)  4000 to 6000 RMB in Shenzhen LoHu. However, I have rented four hours with a case of Budweiser beer, and snacks off the internet for 1000 RMB in Zhuhai.
(3)  The Internet is BY FAR the best way to get deals.
(4)  French fries, watermelon, and peanuts.
(5)  English songs for the most part, and I am partial to American Country and Western songs.
(6)  4 hours
(7)  4 to 12 typically, with maybe six being the average.
(8)  I am a terrible singer.
(9)  Yes.  Typically they will cost you around 300 RMB.  If they start to play on their cell phone and not play with me, I will call the manager over and get a new girl.
(10)  VSOP, Red wine and beer.

I think its very depressing to go with family and friends to a "KTV" and eating there is gross! Not to mention poor ventilation and so on, expensive venue or not, they are basically the same!
I'd throw a house party anytime for the sake of not s tepping a foot but with my business partners it's a lot of fun when the manager step in with a nice lineup of fresh meat!

Yeah. Business KTV's are great. The lineup is always a great buffet. As the boss, I always the best cuts of meat. I used to drink too much, but I had to cut down on all that. It's always great fun.

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