Looking for an Orthopedic Surgeon in South Jakarta


Does anyone know of a good Orthopedic Surgeon or Specialist in South Jakarta?

Any information in this specialty would be appreciated


Did you get the information you needed.
What type of orthopedic Surgeon you looking for.

No, I did not get any info at all.  Any suggestions?

If you have back/spine problems then I would recommend
Dr. Luthfi Gatam, SpOT.,FICS.,Spine Surgeon (K)
Did my spine RF therapy 

Ramsay Spine Center RS Premier Bintaro


Bintaro Premier Hospital
Jl. MH. Thamrin No: 1, Sektor 7 Bintaro Jaya, Tangerang 15224

(021) 7455 500 / 600 ext. 2511 / 2512
or 021 999 22 546

He would not do an operation to put in plates in my back.  An operation that two other hospitals and surgeons in Jakarta recommended.

He said it was not necessary at the stage my back was in and he recommended and performed a minor procedure that reduced/stopped a lot of the pain I was getting.

I was a much cheaper, and easier procedure than the plate operation.  I was impressed that he put Myer before just making money.   No doubt the plate operation would have done the same thing IF the operation was successful with no complications but my recovery time and cost would have been much longer and greater.

The hospital is also very good for knee and other joint operations.  I had my right knee operated on at the same time all very successful.

The whole hospital and staff were very good.

I would highly recommend looking into it your self

Good luck
Best Regards


Thank you for the information.  I will give them a call, my problem is in my C6/C7.   Causing pain in shoulders arms and numbness in hands.  I live in Kunnigan, so will try someone closer.  Hopefully they can recommend someone.

Again thank you!


I think there is an orthopedic surgery opposite the EU visa office in Kuningan. I did my own surgery in Singapore as it is covered by my company insurance. Have had a slipped disc operation and two knee operations and recently physical therapy for tennis elbow. I used to play country cricket until about 20 years ago and it had created many problems with my joints. However since my operations I feel fit as a fiddle. I think the weekly massages help a lot.

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