Looking blood test in Jakarta

Anyone know of a clinic in Jakrta

where I can get a blood test done fast and professional,

Any of the large hospitals should be able to conduct most blood tests.
What is the test for?

This could make a difference as there are specialist smaller clinics set up for things such as STDs and diabetes.

Yes I looking specialist smaller clinics set up for things such as STDs and diabetes

They are around but not all advertise much.
Where in Jakarta are you?

I living in pullman central park jakarta

http://www.jakarta100bars.com/2016/03/s … karta.html

Thank you so much

Yazan8001 :

Yes I looking specialist smaller clinics

Prodia at Meruya is testing clinic or use Royal Trauma  on JL dann mogot. You could go into the main Street in Tanjung Duren as there are a few private doctors and clinics there as well.

Also make sure to be tested for Chlamydia and Herpes I and II as well as HIV. Many STD's apparently are becoming more resistant to antibiotics.

Does anyone know how much would a blood test be in one of the big hospitals?

And how quickly the results show.

For anyone who may ask "what's it for?"
I'm currently on a headache, diarrhoea and nausea vibe. If that helps :)

Oh, and if there's a good hospital in Tangerang or West jakarta.

Many thanks

In my area depending what various tests they conduct is between 250k - 1 million, and around 250k consultation fee takes between 2-4 hrs again depending what’s tests they conduct

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