Christmas Tree for our apartment


We will be Ho Chi Minh for Christmas, with our two children. 

Can anyone recommend a Christmas Tree supplier who will deliver and set up a tree with ornaments?  It does not have to be a real Christmas Tree.

Any tips would be appreciated!


Hi and welcome to the forum.

Some leads for you....
(use Google translate where necessary)

72/83/2A Huỳnh Văn Nghệ, F15, Quận Tân Bình,
Hotline: 0933 620 021 (Mr. Thạnh)

61 Gò Dầu, P.Tân Quý, Q.Tân Phú, Tp.HCM
0902366635 - 02835591989

98/45 Cống Lở, phường 15, Quận Tân Bình
0909 975 731 - 0938 277 247
(you can rent from them)

Best option is to buy the tree and ornaments from a chosen shop (there are many good ones all around) and ask them to send someone to set it up at your place.
In fact they charge double for decoration.

Cheers :cheers:

Thank you so much for such a detailed reply.   It is so helpful and so appreciated!

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