Kenya with baby

Hi! We are doubting living in Kenya for two years but our youngest is only 6 months old.
Are there people having experience moving or living with a Tiny one to Nairobi keeping the malaria and zika in mind?

Thanks P

Zika in Nairobi? you probably heard wrong information

According to CDC, there is a risk of Zika in Nairobi, but its a risk to pregnant women, or women planning to have a baby, so don't think that its relevant to your question.

Our granddaughter, who has lived in Kenya most of her life, first went when she was 4 months old.  We have never had any issues with Malaria, or any other diseases for that matter.

Nairobi, because of its altitude has a lower risk of malaria.  Even you, if you are going to live there, may find that taking anti malarial medication in the long term may be impractical.  For example, I have only taken them when visiting the coast.

There are a few wise precautions to take:
- Close windows and doors at sunset.
- Use a mosquito net over your baby's bed.
- If out in the evening, wear long sleeves (all of you!).
- Spray the bedroom with 'Doom' an hour or so before bed - its an effective insecticide,
  which will clear the bedroom, then disperse.  You can also get it as a 'plug in' slow
  release, but personally, I wouldn't want my baby breathing it in all night.

Hi, there are lots of expats with babies here, many are born here. Check out the facebook groups Nairobi Expat Moms and Nairobi Expat Parents.
There were mosquitos when we arrived, but not so many now. You just need to make sure baby has a net. But they are not malarial from  my understanding. But you have to take care if you travel to the coast. I haven´t heard of Zika here at all.
Don´t let it be a decision not to come here, with some precautions your baby will be fine, and the healthcare here is good as well.

You can't assume the mosquitoes in Nairobi are 'non-malarial'.  In fact quite a risky assumption as I have come across people who have contacted Malaria in Nairobi.   But I agree that it isnt an issue that should put you off going.

Healthcare is good, true.  However it can be expensive, unless you take out insurance.

no zika in nairobi.. malaria is there in every tropical region and basic care will prevent an infection like mosquito nets and keeping max. sunlight

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