Worth to relocate to Shanghai for work?

Hi guys

I got a job offer in IT field (3years experience in business intelligence) with RMB15000 monthly salary before tax. I am not sure whether is it worth to relocate to Shanghai with this pay. From what I read online, cost of living is high in Shanghai compared to KL , Malaysia and my friends believe I can get this pay at home (minus tax and expected accomodation spend in Shanghai).

Should I make the move? I am in the midst of discussing the employment terms with HR, so I believe there is still not too late to turn back.

Any advice is highly appreciated. 🙏 thanks alot guys.

I advice that you should relocate to shanghai.beacuse of having oversea experience after three years

Judging career moves based on money is not advised.

You should know that. 

15,000 RMB / month is a Chinese manager's salary.  It should be fine.  You will be able to live in a new nation, and experience a different culture while being paid. However, you will need to live like a local.  If you want to live like an American, for instance, you will need over double that.  Compare the cost differences...

Local housing              2000 RMB/Month
Expat housing              5000 RMB/month
Chinese lunch              15 RMB
Lunch at Starbucks     65 RMB

So  I must ask you... why move to another nation if you are unwilling to learn the language, the culture, and live like a local?

I think that the salary on offer is very low with your expertise. Young ESL teachers earn more. I would negotiate a higher salary and especially since the cost of accommodation is very high in Shanghai.

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