Clubs / Communities for Indian Family

Hello. We recently moved to Khobar. Basically from Karnataka. Feeling isolated especially during weekends. Looking for any clubs/communities for meetup with family for spending quality time, outings etc. Need info on how to find & join such groups. Thanks.

Hi. I'm about to move to Riyadh from Mumbai with my wife. Concerned about family accommodation in KSA. I'll get housing allowance from my company. Can you please share your experience of living in KSA with me?

medicovivek, you dont have to worry about moving to KSA with your family. it is a good place to live, work and earn money. riyadh being the capital city, is bit crowded.

let me know what specific information you are looking for?

Hello everyone. Finally I'm in Riyadh and started having challenges here. I have rented a flat. When I got my first electricity bill here I came to know that there was a total 15 months of bill pending on my flat. And my landlord has refused to pay that bill. Any guidance how can I approach this tough situation now?

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