HI every one
I am planning on coming to Tunisia to live, and set up my coffee shop business.
I will be offering employment to Tunisians as well as English , but I need  some feed back on weather ,
it will be a viable business in susses
I will be selling bagels with different filling and other nice food ,as well as nice coffee and fresh veg bought from the locals . so tell me guys what do you think ,as I will have a very heavy investment in this business . and who do I need to see to apply for a licence to trade there .


I've never heard of Susses, is it a neighbourhood?

Sousse I miss spelt it

Sounds a great idea hope all goes well

☺ I think I'm the right location a business like yours could do very well, there are many good examples that have succeeded in sousse. Are you going to make your bagels?

Yes I have to have training on all my product  fingers crossed

Good. I've seen only one bagel store in Tunisia so far and I've never seen them in a market. I'm sure people here would love them though

Hello please let me know when because my friend is perfect for that job, he speaks English French and Arabic some Spanish also... he is very polite kind and ready to start immediately.  When in TUNISIA and when???
Thanks for your opportunity
Looking forward to hearing from you

Nice idea to invest in Tunisia. Tunis also is a good place for this project, Lac, La Marsa are a good place to invest too.
Good Luck

Thank you .

Hi hru???!
H is ur business now???!

Hi Denise.
Hope your business is booming! 😀
I have a similar idea, but would be selling fast food, from all over the world. In addition I'd offer freshly made, iced, blends of juice.

For afters, or on their own, I'd serve delicious varieties of Swedish cake or buns and coffee.
Sounds tempting? I would do this down in Djerba tho, so no competition to you. 😉

Dear Denise, I am British and am interested in working for you. Let me know when your business takes off from the ground.

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