where should we visit?

Hi! My hubby Tim and I are coming to Panama the first week of Dec '17 ..... we can't wait. We will be staying for 7 days at a resort in Playa Bonita and thought we would like to take a drive and see some of the countryside. We are considering becoming expats and I think Panama fits the bill. I was born in snow of Wisconsin, USA and now live in the heat of Central Florida. I would like to move some place a little cooler but not back to the snow. Tim wants to live in the mountains and has decided that Alaska is the prettiest ..... NO I'm not going someplace that freezes!    LOL   So I looked at Panama and realized all of the opportunities to live at different elevations and still be at a very comfortable temperature that were available. We are very new to traveling internationally, this is a first, so not really sure of the area we will be staying or where to investigate during a day's car ride from the resort. Anyone have some ideas? Thanks! Susan

El Valle de Antón is not far. I haven't been there myself but it seems popular with expats.

El Valle Anton is nice. Worth the drive. Much cooler than the coast. Just a tad isolated.

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