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Hi all

I have been living in HCMC for 2 months and I am registred here.
I am retired and don't work.
I will marry end off month and then I will apply for a TRC.
Most of my money I have on a Swiss bank. But I have also a Vietnames banking account.
From 2025 I will get a pension, payed out to the Swiss banking account.
Switzerland has a double-tax agreement with Vietnam.
Probably I will buy a small house in Vietnam.

What I have to do regarding Vietnamese taxes?
Can I wait until I get a tax return or do I must go to the tax office.

Thank you in advance for sharing your experience.

If you're paying tax in Switzerland, no need to worry for VN tax since you're not working (or having any other source of income etc.) here in Vietnam.
Just keep your Swiss tax receipts with you .... that'll do.

You've just been here for 2 months. No need to rush.
In theory ....
The law says you need to stay in Vietnam for at least 183 days (6 months) to be considered a VN tax resident. (see Reference at the end)

Nobody knows what laws will be in force eight years later in 2025.
In Vietnam, laws keep changing all the time.  ;)

Rest assured, for marriage registration, VEC and TRC no one will ask for your tax records.

I have a Japanese friend/neighbor who is living on his Japanese pension (transferred to his Viet acct), is married to a VN national and has recently purchased a property in Nha Trang.
I'll discuss your "pension issue" with him when we meet next week and will get back to you then. 

Taxation in Vietnam – Personal Income Tax (“PIT”)
Vietnam - Income Tax (KPMG)
Vietnam Pocket Tax Book 2017 (PWC)

If it’s retirement pension tax. 

The links above from Senwl will also state that.

Thank's a lot Senwl and Yogi

These are good news.
I will check the links from Senwl and waiting on his news after he meet his neighbor :)

I don't pay tax in Switzerland. Because the double-tax agreement, I should normally only pay taxes abroad. But I am not unhappy if I don't must pay taxes in Vietnam  :D .

The locals don't even pay taxes themselves. How many people rented their houses to teachers or expats actually paid income taxes. None! The only taxes exist in Vietnam are coffee money and envelops stuffed with a couple of Benjamins as monthly offerings to local ward officials.

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