Sharurah armed forces hospital

Please may I know if any females are at this hospital?
I would like to know about the accommodation.....shared or single?
Is it safe as it is near the yemen border?
How many bedded hospital and the services they provide in the operating room?
Is there a cafeteria on the premises?
Do any of you have fotos of the accommodation and the hospital?
Thank you

Hi Ankudu

I also would like to know more about this hospital as i got a job offer on the 30th,i have to give an answer tomorrow but i am uncertain about safety,it is very near to the border 261km-i am a little afraid- it is rural,no mall?no recreation?offer is also not great-so i dont know-please help-i am a female to answer your question

    There is a vaccancy for xray technician for females

any army school is thr inside sharurah armed force hospital grade upto 8 Bcz i got a job computer science teacher thr kindly rply to ths msg n tel me abt the staff living place inside the campus

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