Cancellation of housing contract even after transfer

One of my friend rented house at Dabab Street, Riyadh. Aqari was informed of termination and not to renew the contract on phone call. While vacating the apartment Aqari asked not to vacate the apartment and to pay the rent for next year as the contract is renewed automatically for the next year. I paid two months rent of 6000 and took out my household items.

We also submitted letter for termination on the same day ( 10 days were remaining for end of contract). After two months Aqari followed up for the year rent of 35000 SAR. We also sent the details of the transfer letter and company joining letter at Dammam.

The Aqari gave three options :

1. Pay the rent of whole year.
2. Transfer the apartment on someone else.
3. Going to the court.

Here the option 2 is difficult because nobody is ready to get in to the costly rented apartment as the market is going too low on real estate.

Can someone help or guide ?


I am in same situation. How did you resolve the issue??

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