who wants to join for a moto ride in Antioquia (dec)?

Hello everyone

I'm travelling to Medellin in december with my husband to visit my family.  My husband is Dutch and speak a bit of Spanish but not very fluent. He would like to go on a motobike trip for about 3 days around Antioquia

I would prefer him to go with some company, that is why I'm writing this message. if there is anyone interested to join him from the 27 to the 29 of December 2017. Please let me know **

For everybody living in Medellin enjoy that wonderful city

Have a very nice week


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I will not be there at that time, but I recently explored the roads around La Ceja and El Retiro by small car, wishing the entire time I was on a motorcycle. Just amazing bike road - smooth pavement, uphill curves and downhill thrills, up one and down another, never-ending fun.

That is a pitty you won't be there. My husband is very looking forward to rent a motorcycle and take those curves. If you know of someone else who might be interested please let me know, have a nice sunday

Been to Medellin a few times..... I see lots of motorcycles, and I see a number of women riding motor cycles......
  Sounds like you are not much of a motorcycle rider?    But it shows what a good, loving wife you are to help him locate company while he is riding..

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